The Sunglasses Prevent His Hair From Getting Any More Bleached

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That Should Be Enough Time, Right?

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This Strikes on Several Levels

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Reports of Apathetic Orange Cats Have Yet to be Confirmed

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Go Home, There's No Better Headlines to Write

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Let's Go Sinan Frinancisco!

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Yeah, Who's Dumb Now?!

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With the Drummer, This is Always the Implication

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That Takes Real Talent

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The Mailbox Clearly Wins Here

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Clear Waters, Warm Butts

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That Tumor Really Means Business

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Billy Joel's New Nemesis: Bad Headline Length

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WTF Headline of the Day: Woman Grows a Potato in Her Snoo Snoo as DIY Birth Control

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Clooney is All About That Pumpkin Spice

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