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Fired after 7 years | Worker fired after attempting to give their two week's notice, former employer then reaches out to them again

Update: 'This morning I woke up to several texts': Company fires worker for giving two week's notice, then has the nerve to contact them asking for help

The act of giving notice is one of mutual trust — especially when the worker isn't protected by an agreement or local law. The worker is showing their employer a sign of goodwill by allowing them the time to prepare other workers, maintain continuity, and execute a proper handover. The problem with giving notice is it's also like a breakup — “It's not you, it's me. I've just… Found someone else.” — and all too often, emotionally-stunted owners and middle managers take it exactly as such. This l…
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woman gives her two-week notice, gets humiliated by upper management

'Two-week notice from hell:' Management humiliates worker in front of her entire team after she quits in the most respectful and professional way possible

“The CEO called me that evening to further insult me…”
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Manager wants to “see my face” while working remote. | I work 100% remotely in public accounting. A typical day for me is working independently for the most part, while myself and my team make ourselves available for any phone calls, web meetings, and emails needed throughout the day.

Is remote work going away?: Manager demands remote worker keeps camera on and pointed at their face for all hours worked

How are we supposed to work in our PJs with this Karen manager eyeballing us the whole time?
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'I got fed up': Worker quits after being refused raise to match wage of new hires

This grocery store cashier was the workhorse of their manager's dwindling team; When their employer began running a promotion offering higher wages to fill vacant roles, the cashier asked for a raise which they were denied. They then found themselves training the new hires, who were making more than they were.
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I just can't with this one | Employer posts sign in window blaming lazy community for their struggle to find workers

'Get off your butt!': Restaurant blames lazy community for their own struggle to find workers

The “Great Resignation” has turned the workforce on its head. The experience of the waning pandemic gave a lot of workers the time and headspace to reflect on their individual working situations and reevaluate if it was what they wanted or if they wanted to seek greener pastures.
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Several years ago I quit without a full two week notice and the company sent me this invoice a few weeks later..

'The company sent me this invoice...': Employee receives invoice from employer after quitting without giving two weeks' notice

There have been a lot of stories floating around the wider web about people quitting terrible employers without giving notice. As you might imagine, it is taken with varying degrees of reception, with reactions ranging from calm to off-the-wall. When you're trying to run a business, it's never easy to fill in gaps on short notice, not ever helped by the fact that owners/executives generally require their companies to be run on as few staff as possible to save labor costs. There's certainly a hi…
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'You might go to jail if you don't work overtime': Employer and Labour Board threaten charges and arrest if employees refuse 12-Hour overtime shifts

This employer has allegedly threatened their staff with charges and imprisonment if they refuse to stay after their 10-hour shift for “voluntary” overtime.
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'Corporations Quiet Quit Long Before Employees Did': this hot take on quiet quitting asks companies to look in the mirror

'Corporations quiet quit long before employees did': this hot take on quiet quitting asks companies to look in the mirror

Quiet quitting is really about setting boundaries and corporations are going to have to accept that to a certain extent.
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Update: IT Director Quits Arrogant CEO, Reduces His Notice Period After Unprofessional Response

These are the types of "leaders" who will gladly tell you that "It's just business" when they're laying you off or refusing you a raise. Yet, when you find a better opportunity and give notice, they take it personally, acting as if you've betrayed them. Suddenly, "It's just business" isn't valid, and the employer wonders why all these employees end up "Turning against them," utterly blind to the fact that they are the common denominator.
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Viral Thread: Worker Quits on Second Day After Lies From Interview Are Exposed

This restoration apprentice reported that they left their new role on the second day after they discovered the employer had lied about the working hours during the interview process. They shared their experience on the popular r/antiwork subreddit where it received a lot of attention. “Not fired but berated in public?” remarked mkbloodyen. “Sounds like they are hurting for staff.” “Having worked with a couple of these restoration companies, I have to say, I have never seen a decent one, ever,”…
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Greatest Hits: Boss Yells At Intern For Taking Personal Call, Sparks Mass Resignation

This boss laid into an intern when she took a call from her mother telling her that she needed to hurry to the vet to see her dying cat.
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Viral Thread: Manager Tells Worker to Find Cover or Delay Putting Their Dog Down, Worker Quits

They took the third option.
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Part II: The Most Disastrous Job Interviews People Ever Had

Job interviews are far from the best way to find a suitable candidate for most roles. Without a doubt, candidates who communicate well vocally and exude charisma will find themselves accepted into far more roles, whether or not they were actually the best candidate. But is there any way to get it right? There is this general expectation going into an interview of how it will work on both sides. The interviewer expects that they will, well, interview, asking questions to get a grip on the candid…
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Part I: The Most Disastrous Job Interviews People Ever Had

In the wake of the pandemic and the “Great Resignation” roll on, job interviews are as hot of a topic as ever.
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Insane Interviewer Insists on Interviewing Over Text, Offended By "Unprofessional Response"

If you're conducting an interview via text messaging and want to complain about something being unprofessional, oh boy, do you have a rude wake-up call ahead of you. When u/Coconut_Groove posted their details to an online recruitment service, they were contacted by this hiring manager who was looking to recruit for a position. The position was offering to pay $9.95 an hour in Montana, which has a lower than $10 minimum wage. u/Coconut_Groove knew they weren't going to be interested in the posit…
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Guy Walks Out of Job Interview After Company Lies on Job Description

This job candidate was quick to turn heel and bolt when it became abundantly clear that the interviewer had been intentionally misleading in their description of the role. The role had been advertised as being remote work when it was actually “hybrid," requiring some attendance to an office space. To top it off, the interviewer even admitted that they had advertised it as such in order to increase the pool of applicants. As I've often described (and recently discussed) job interviews are a perf…
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