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John Daly Tees Off From an Unusual Starting Position

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Best Motel Ever

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Still Better Dressed Than a Lot of Golfers

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Win of the Day: This Golf Trick Shot is Quite Possibly the Best Trick Shot You'll Ever See

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Epic Win of the Day: Paula Creamer Sinks a 75-foot Eagle to Win the HSBC Women's Championship

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FootGolf is a Thing We Need to See More of in the Future

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OW OW OW OW: A Poor Spectator Falls onto a Cactus During This Perfectly Fine Golf Game

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Auburn Fan Sinks a 95-Foot Putt to Win $15,000

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Hitting Golfballs on the Moon

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Might Want to Take a Mulligan on That Shot

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No One Tell Him About Sunscreen

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The Golf Shot of the Year, Right Here

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Hit the Links With This Batmobile Golf Cart

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This Was Supposed to be a Simple Training Exercise!

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This is Why You Don't Attempt Drunken Golf Trick Shots

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Could You Make Par on the Hardest Golf Shot in the World?

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