Yeah, but What's Your Handicap?

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One Golfer Takes the Long Way Around for His Three-Foot Putt

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We've All Had Bad Games, but This Golfer Takes His Rage to the Next Level

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He's Three Years Old, He's Golfing Like a Pro, and That's Just the Beginning

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The Pros Have a Sense of Humor

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Some Assembery Required

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We Owe You One, Andy!

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Do You Agree?

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This Putt Belongs in Mini Golf, Not the Real Deal

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Kids Shouldn't Play Sports With Balls and Holes

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This Shot Could Have Been Better Than a Birdie, but the Golfing Gods Intervened

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That Still Counts, Right?

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Fail of the Day: Golf Fan Wrecks Rascal Into Tree

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It's a Home Run, or Something!

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It Turns Out There IS Such a Thing as too Much Follow-Through on Your Swing

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