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Big Ol' Coconut Crab Has Run-In With Australian Golfers, Snips Club

For anyone who hasn't seen a coconut crab before, they're a bit of a sideways-walking nightmare. They like to walk on land and eat coconuts, which basically means they can find you anywhere and pinch super hard. These golfers met a particularly stubborn coconut crab who seemed really interested in a set of clubs, and they found out just how hard it can pinch.
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humor sports timing golf phil mickelson Tiger Woods funny Video - 107259905

Phil Mickelson Hilariously Cuts Off Tiger Woods' First Tee Introduction

A definite golden moment in the history of golf.
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humor sports golf movies Tiger Woods ridiculous funny Video - 107256833

Tiger Woods And Friends Attempt "Happy Gilmore" Swing, Years Later

Rory actually took a real crack at it.
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Jack Nicklaus Makes Miracle Putt After Johnny Miller Says He Can't Make It

A true GOAT moment.
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Golf ball suspended in mid-air by fountain before putt-putt golfer hits hole in one

The Reigning Champion of Putt-Putt Golf Shots

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sports golf injury cringe painful ridiculous dangerous Video - 107047169

Pro Golfer Shanks Golf Ball Into The Crowd Twice

Tough day to be in the crowd.
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cool golf video bouncing ball on water

Golfer Skips Ball Off Pond For Hole In One

Dude must've thought he was dreaming.
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A quick and entertaining Tumblr post about how mini golf is better than golf | peniswakt golf sucks but mini golf is fucking awesome truly one life's great paradoxes peniswakt golf wastes crazy amounts space and water soul-crushingly boring extremely frustrating all but highest level players (most golfers will never even shoot par prohibitively expensive (golf clubs are very costly and one round golf can cost $100+)

Quick Tumblr Thread On Mini Golf Being The Best

Ready for mini golf now.
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golfer hits crowd with ball

Pro Golfer Injures Spectators With Consecutive Shots

Those shanks will get ya.
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Funny video of sports broadcaster announcing shameful dog walk like it's golf.

Sports Announcer Narrates Shameful Dog Walk

More things deserve golf voice.
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Toddler Swing Analysis At The Houston Open

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Golf employee takes a pro revenge on a drunk golfer who threw his half drank beer at him for telling them to stop drinking on the course.

Golf Course Employee Performs Pro Revenge On Golfer Jerk Who Throws Beer At Him

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golf FAIL Tiger Woods Video - 96871169

Phil Mickelson Hilariously Cutting Off Tiger Woods' First Tee Introduction

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sports golf comeback celebration emotional awesome Tiger Woods win - 96681217

Cry Through Tiger Woods' Intensely Emotional Masters Victory Celebration

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Will ALWAYS Take A Golf Fail At Top Golf

Via ladsgolf

There Are Two VERY Different Ways To Play A Water Hazard In Golf

Via losper
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