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You Want a Model For a Girlfriend? OK!

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You Don't Need to Save Your Girlfriend

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Can the Weekend Get Any Worse? Yes, Yes It Can!

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You Know That Look

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10 Things That Will Change In Your Life Once You Move In With Your Partner

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Will You Bee Mine?

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Trust Issues

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This Dude Went That Extra Mile to Troll His Girlfriend in the Most Romantic Way Possible

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Two Texts Don't Make a Right

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Jealous Girlfriend Has Second Thoughts About Her Boyfriend Getting a Lap Dance

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Getting a Girlfriend 101

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Girl Masterfully Edits Her Instagram Captions After Breaking Up With Terrible Boyfriends

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This Joke Proves Why Jealous Girlfriends Are Not to Be Trusted

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A Complete Breakdown of All the Reasons You Need a Girlfriend

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My Cat Killed My Girlfriend

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The Unsolved Mystery of a Couple and the Clothes Basket

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