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Wrestle With Your Girlfriend WWE Style!

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Living With Your Girlfriend

She clearly doesn't have enough room in the closent.
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Survival Journal, Day Three of "The Move-in"

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The Spouse That Wouldn't Die

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She'll Never Think to Look

If she's cheating, always leave a note
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She'll Think It's Hilarious!

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Did it Get Creepy in Here or is it Just Us?

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"She's a Real Handful"

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Man Seeking Woman (With No Knowledge of Common Poisons)

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What if Your Girlfriend Was Actually Crazy

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She'll Never See Again

use a stud finder to make your girlfriend roll her eyes so hard she's blind

Stop Interrupting My Jealousy With Your "Family Values"!

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When She Only Gives You 5 Minutes Notice...

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Hand Position Is Quite Important

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Get With the Program, Girlfriend!

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Commence Sobbing!

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