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Did Your Girlfriend Sleep With the Whole Wu Tang Clan?

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Whale Maybe

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The Dreaded L Word

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I Saw Him First!

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Blondes Have More Fun (at Your Expense)

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The Dad's Rules for Daughter Dating

If he sticks to rule number 10, he's going to be kissing you a lot.
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This Is Why You Don't Date HIppies

oregon man with dreads, is considered armed and dangerous
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This Is a Profession?!

how is he a champion? what does that even mean?
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Wrestle With Your Girlfriend WWE Style!

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Living With Your Girlfriend

She clearly doesn't have enough room in the closent.
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Survival Journal, Day Three of "The Move-in"

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The Spouse That Wouldn't Die

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She'll Never Think to Look

If she's cheating, always leave a note
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She'll Think It's Hilarious!

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Did it Get Creepy in Here or is it Just Us?

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"She's a Real Handful"

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