reasons people left a relationship

18 People Share The Exact Moment That Made Them Nope Out Of A Relationship

That would do it.
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people who ran into someone who rejected them

People Who Later Ran Into The Person Who Rejected Them

Some episodes of life have a part 2.
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revenge petty revenge girlfriend reddit thread Reddit college dating - 517127

Boyfriend Caught Staring at Braless College Chick in Dorm, Jealous Girlfriend Reports Her, Chick Gets Boyfriend Banned

A jealous girlfriend targeted another girl who lived in her dorm for drawing her boyfriend's attention while she was walking around without a bra on. When the girlfriend reported the other girl for dressing “provocatively” the other girl knew that she had to get revenge, since outsiders weren't even meant to be in the dorm in the first place. This story was shared to the r/pettyrevenge subreddit by u/someusername47 about an experience that she had at the university dorm where she lives.
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guy demands girl get maternity test to see if she is mother to her baby

Idiot Demands Pregnant Girlfriend Take Maternity Test To See If She's The Mother

Absolutely phenomenal reasoning skills.
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texts from exes

Texts From Exes And Their Respective Complex Perspectives

It's reflective of the sexes.
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rich entitled girlfriend can't accept her privelege

Rich Connected Girlfriend Doesn't Understand She Isn't 100% Responsible For Her Own Success

We've got a real winner here.
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boyfriend twenties dating fails relationship relationships girlfriend cheating online dating dating - 16429317

“Hot Young” Girlfriend Discovers That She Might be the Other Woman After Posting About Older Boyfriend’s Intolerant Noise Complaints

The signs were all there!
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boyfriend aita relationships girlfriend dating betrayal - 16379397

Insecure Short King Hides Girlfriend's Shoes Before Wedding, Forces Her to Wear Sandals

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boyfriend relationships girlfriend entitled dating - 15960837

Exasperated Girlfriend Calls Out Immature Boyfriend When Her Interrupts Her During An Interview

What a baby.
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boyfriend wtf strange relationships girlfriend food weird fast food - 16297477

Pushy Girlfriend Demands First Bites, Guy Resorts To Eating All Fast Food Secretly

It's a seemingly relatable scenario: “Oh, my girlfriend/boyfriend never wants to order their own food and always takes bites of my own.” But this time it's different. This girlfriend seems to have a perverse and unyielding interest in the first bite of everything. Honestly this sounds like something only lions or wolves do, but she is absolutely obsessed with the first bite. It's to the point where if there's already a bite in there, she loses interest. And not only that, if he brings it up, sh…
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boyfriend relationship relationships girlfriend dating - 16247813

Insane Girlfriend Tries to Charge Her Boyfriend For Her "Services"

A giant walking red flag.
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Wealthy girlfriend enjoys wearing no clothing around her staff

Wealthy-Entitled Classist Girlfriend Thinks It’s Ok to Wear Little-To-No Clothing Around Her Staff, Doesn’t Care if She is Making Them Uncomfortable

We're all for body positivity. But SHEESH.
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12 reddit text images bf pet fish debacle | thumbnail blue background "(26F) have outright banned him doing this for the simple fact i've seen this obsession before from him, it's what led to our pet mini lop rabbit Tootsie, and he doesn't clean out her hutch or litter tray at all and barely plays with her, she was his pet but has honestly ended up becoming mine as I couldn't stand to see her neglected, I know he'll end up doing the same with a fish tank and they'll not be cleaned out "

Woman Puts Her Foot Down When Irresponsible Boyfriend Requests Pet Fish And Aquarium

Case closed
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13 reddit text images of boyfriend giving girlfriend ultimatum over cat | thumbnail blue background "fter she got the cat she kept asking me what's wrong. I told her it was so inconsiderate of her to get the cat because I am allergic and what if we decide to move in together one day? I said I don't see this working out if she plans to keep the cat. She told me I'm overreacting and we just started dating so I shouldn't try to "control" her "

Entitled Dude Gives Girlfriend Of Two Months Cat UItimatum: It's Him Or The Cat

Pretty presumptuous fellow
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aita friends model relationships girlfriend modeling dating - 16171525

Insecure Boyfriend Asks Artist Friend to Skip Class When His Girlfriend Gets Selected as the Nude Model

Understandable reaction. Poor rationalization and actions.
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guy refuses to drive, is mad at girlfriend for getting him driving lessons

Guy Angry His Girlfriend Bought Him Driving Lessons, Can't See Writing On Wall

C'mon man.
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