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No, Grandpa, No

gay grandfather Grandpa hunger games hungry parenting - 6165172736
Created by Unknown

Idiots, Idiots As Far as the Eye Can See

dumb gay homophobia stupid - 6159235584
Created by Fist-O

Switching Teams

apple computers gay mac Tech technology - 6157174272
Created by Unknown

A Princess is Fine Too

gay princess son - 6121931008
Created by Unknown

One of These Two People Is Not a Romantic

boyfriend dating disney gay girlfriend relationships romantic text - 6103836672
Created by Unknown

Way to Rub It in, Jake

celeb cowboy gay shirt - 6078888448
Created by Unknown

From Innocuity to Filth in Nanoseconds

dirty emoticon gay pr0n sex sexting - 5986207232
Created by Shy Allott

I Can't Tell if She's Actually Gay...

coming out gay - 6031374592

Still Not as Lame as _______

draw something gay twilight - 6040512512
Created by Unknown

Gay Facts!

gay homosexual prank trolling - 6007810560
Created by Unknown

Autocowrecks: Penny Arcade WINS at Draw Something

au natural AutocoWrecks draw something gay - 6008663808
Via Penny Arcade

A Deterrent for Some, Incentive for Others

gay ipad pr0n security theft - 6008360192
Created by Unknown
gay Video - 35687169

Drag Queens Go Gaga for Anti-Gay Chick-Fil-A

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I Asked You First

breasts gay homosexual - 5901801216
Created by Unknown

It's Hard Being Gay

boner erection gay homophobia homosexual - 5840566016
Created by Unknown

Know How I Know You're Gay?

dating gay homosexual relationships sex - 5839303424
Created by Unknown