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The world of Tumblr is a bizarre one, but there's no doubt that it'll make you laugh. Expect threads on the randomest of topics, dank memes and the occasional cringe or smh.

An encouraging Tumblr thread on the importance of embracing the lazy lifestyle.

Inspirational Tumblr Thread On Embracing The Lazy Life

Actual inspiration to take it easy.
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Man manages to conquer a bus driver's chaotic evil like an absolute boss.

Man Conquers Bus Driver's Chaotic Evil

Bus driver's face must've been priceless.
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A funny Tumblr post about

Tumblr Thread Goes Off The Rails With The History Knowledge

History is real fun sometimes.
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A funny Tumblr post about a mom's approach to providing her kids healthy coping skills.

Tumblr Post: Mom Provides Kids Remarkable Coping Skills

Mom of the year right here.
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A quick and funny Tumblr post honors the tree that genuinely owns itself.

Quick Tumblr Post Honors The Tree That Owns Itself

Good for you, tree.
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A funny Tumblr thread about how Darth Vader is actually a massive drama queen.

Tumblr Thread: Darth Vader Is The Absolute Queen Of Drama

Darth is on another level.
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A funny Tumblr post about how humans are actually space orcs.

Tumblr Thread: Humans Are Space Orcs

What a ride from start to finish.
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An entertaining Tumblr thread about how crazy Spy Kids 3 is.

Tumblr Thread Deconstructs Cinematic Masterpiece That Is Spy Kids 3

It was a trip.
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An entertaining Tumblr thread about the conspiracy behind the infamous Poké Balls.

Tumblr Users Deconstruct The Conspiracy Behind Poké Balls

Tumblr back at it again doing what it does best.
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A collection of funny and totally random Tumblr gems to laugh at.

Tantalizing Tumblr Nuggets That Are Deep Fried In Humor

Gotta keep on Tumblin.
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A funny Tumblr post about how humans are actually magical beings.

Tumblr Post: Humans Live In A Mildly Magical World

We're more magical than we give ourselves credit for.
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A quick wholesome Tumblr post about a barista who is pure positive chaos.

Inventive Barista Is Living Definition Of Chaotic Good

Get this person a raise.
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A funny Tumblr post about giving people celebration cards with hilariously wrong ages on them.

Tumblr Thread: Getting Birthday Cards With Hilariously Wrong Ages On Them

Definitely a fun idea.
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A quick and entertaining Tumblr post about the theatrical storytelling perspective.

Quick Tumblr Post On The Theatrical Storytelling Perspective

The world would be an especially dark place without movies.
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A contortionist's visit to 7-11 ends up leaving the cashier traumatized.

Contortionist Goes On Mission For Burrito, Leaves Cashier Traumatized

The burrito must've been worth it.
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A funny Tumblr post about a barkeep character in Ultima Online unleashing a nuclear revenge.

Ultima Online Player Unleashes Nuclear Revenge As Tavern Owner

Oh man, this is art.
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