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A creepy Tumblr post about a house guest discovering a hidden staircase | stephrc79 So l'm staying at friend's house Boston And their guest room is door. There are STAIRS closet! Now where do those stairs go may ask?

Tumblr Post: House Guest Discovers Secret Staircase

Good old Boston architecture.
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Tumblr user calls out kids' communication skills, gets their point proven instantly | beesmygod S ztacey Follow AAAAAAAA raptorific Follow genuinely worrying about people whose main source social development comes like 100 these incredibly insular and entirely unregulated internet spaces. Like this isn't even technology is bad and kids these days don't learn talk one another" post s basic conflict resolution skills and practical realities interacting with human beings are sort things probably

Tumblr User Calls Out People's Social Skills, Gets Point Proven Instantly

Seriously, no idea what they were talking about.
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A funny Tumblr story about Stabby the Roomba | voidspacer My roomba is scared thunderstorms sitting at my desk just few minutes ago, drawing, and really loud crack thunder went off-no power surges or anything, just thunder-and my roomba fled its dock and started spinning circles currently now have an active roomba sitting quietly on my lap systlin Humans will pack bond with anything. Source: voidspacer

Tumblr Thread: Roombas Are Beautiful Beings

It makes sense.
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A Tumblr thread that appreciates the cinematic masterpiece that was "Night At The Museum." | goddessofidiocy okay but why don't more people talk about Night at Museum like poc characters and people being portrayed by poc people | this movie is so good

Tumblr Thread Appreciates Night At The Museum

Was definitely an entertaining movie.
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A collection of funny moments from the minds of people on Tumblr | xtraterrestrials my personal curse is knowledge function best with rigid structure and strict routine but am almost totally incapable independently establishing or maintaining structure and routine curlyfrywho Don't forget this special feature: at same time hating people tell do | cherenigans: do think whoever designing default netflix avatar made mistake somewhere but just sat there laughing at result so long whole design team

Totally Random And Hilarious Tumblr Nuggets

Netflix did pull a weird move with those avatars.
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A funny Tumblr thread about timelessly funny internet references | headspace-hotel S headspace-hotel forget Internet things would be incomprehensible 2 years ago phenomenon where is appreciation Internet things could show someone 3000 BC and be almost sure they'd get kick out 1 headspace-hotel

Tumblr Thread: Timelessly Entertaining Internet Gems

It's a tale as old as time itself.
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A quick and funny Tumblr post about common American sayings | themightyglamazon ACCURATE one--all-plus-ultra If they say they're peachy means they're tired existence drneverland If they say "Living dream means "please kill hate my job so, so much."

Quick Tumblr Post On Common American Sayings

Too real.
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Wholesome helpful neighbor Tumblr story | keuhkopussirotta first doing laundry my new home building spontaneously threw shirt wearing there as well because frankly only do laundry l've run out clean clothes and shirt last had sitting there, shirtless, studying washing machine person whose laundry had been here last came retrieve his own. Casually, trying act like my shirtlessness nothing out ordinary asked him if clothes drying up on line were his. He confused, and realised he not fluent

Tumblr Story: Wholesome Neighbor Is Helpful for No Reason

See, people can be nice to each other.
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Funny tumblr story of an elevator Karen is mean to a kid on the elevator, so the kid pretends to be blind | captainthaddiusflorencefrancis inventivefraud Follow gale nomads Follow Did ever tell guys met Karen on cruise 13, got yelled at by her and before proceeded make her regret her life choices span 3 minutes on an elevator? gale nomads Follow Okay so this 11 years ago 13 and on cruise my Cousin's quinceanera (Royal Caribbean gave discounts those)

Elevator Karen Spits Verbal Venom At Kid, Kid Pretends To Be Blind

Karen didn't know what to do.
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A collection of funny and random moments from the minds of Tumblr | RE tilthat TIL Frogs can be hypnotized by laying them on their back and stroking their stomach. Snails can sleep up 3 years and 3 Ice Antarctic glaciers is just Penguin urine. via sirobvious This guy is hogging all facts eliteknightcats no s all connected | laughingsquid HUMMbucker Electric Kazoo Screeching Kazoo Plugs Into an Amplifier moonlandingwasfaked this is proof God exists and loves us

Totally Terrific, Funny, And Random Tumblr Gems

Tumblr always delivers in our time of need.
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A funny Tumblr thread on a tree that owns itself | Reese St Dearing St Waddell St Waddeil St Tree Owns Itself Directions Write review Tree Owns Itself is white oak tree, widely assumed have legal ownership itself and all land within eight feet its base. Wikipedia Address: South Finley Street, Athens, GA 30605, United States Reviews 4.3 6 Google reviews SHull St SHu Florida Ave N Newton St on St S Finley St e St S Pope St N Church St SHamis St

Quick Tumblr Thread On Tree That Owns Itself

Tree is living its best life.
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A collection of funny history insights from the minds of Tumblr | RE tilthat TIL according legend Corgi gift woodland faeries and their markings were caused by saddles and stirrups placed on their backs via dwinkus can spend hundreds years breeding dog into little sausage shape and then just forget about and say fairies did Source: tilthat

History According To Tumblr Users

History can be fun sometimes.
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A collection of totally random and hilarious Tumblr posts | worthyironman think best thing about gen z is their dedication self care and by this mean john mulaney performed at college and he took sip water crowd would start applauding and someone yelled at him "hydrate before die-drate" therefor confusing an already confused man even more

Completely Random, Hilarious, And Strange Tumblr Gems

Good old Tumblr never lets us down.
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Tumblr thread about judging historical figures in modern fashion | unpretty ROYALTY_NOW_ julius caesar as just Some Dude is tripping out facial reconstruction from a bust

Tumblr Thread: Reconstructed Historical Figures and How They'd Be

Caligula still looks like he'd do a Caligula.
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A collection of funny posts from the world of Tumblr | Will course be hard Don't Know Will tests be hard? Don't know But paper will be soft countercontempt 's been week and still don't have syllabus and l'm not entirely convinced my science prof has any clue 's going on | if had twin would go into crowds strangers and profess my love someone and then say "if our love isn't meant be will go back time and slap myself" and then my twin would burst and slap should do with my twin need twin

Strange, Random, And Funny Tumblr Posts

Gotta keep on Tumblin.
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A collection of funny and random moments from people on Tumblr. | tredlocity all laugh at guy fieri, smash mouth and shrek movie series, but also all collectively agree their existence makes world better place steakplissken king laughs at jester, but values his wit and honesty Source: tredlocity 4,788 notes

Random Tumblr Jewels To Occupy Existence With

Tumblr is a goldmine of comedy gems.
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