People Are Finding It Hard to Agree on a Solution to This Fruit Based Brain Teaser

math brain teaser People Are Finding It Hard to Agree on a Solution to This Fruit Based Brain Teaser
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May the Fruit Be With You

funny fail images twitter users rebel against star wars branded fruits
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Those Aren't Seeds, They're Potential Watermelons

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And We Shall Call it Freedom Fruit

reporter wears grape costume for banana boy suspended
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Take Note And Never Eat A Mango The Old Way Again

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He's Got Spongebob Living in His Mouth, Don't Worry About it

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Liquid Metal Poured into Watermelons: As Cool as it is Weird

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Making a Watermelon of Cosmically Terrifying Proportions

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Just Use Whatever Boxes We Have

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Some People Carve Wood or Stone, but Watermelon is Where it's at

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Making Enemies Around the Office With One Quick Trick

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In Australia, Even the Fruit is Out to Get You

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The Song is Now in Your Head. You're Welcome.

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Dad, Listen to Your Kid

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When Life Gives You Lemons, Pretend They're Apples to Oranges... Wait...

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That's a Lot of Lemonade to Make...

lemons food huge fruit - 8405394944
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