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Ridiculous Friend Says Her Love Language is “Receiving Gifts”, Gets Mad That Her Present Isn’t Expensive Enough

Sounds like her love language is being a spoiled brat.
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Some petty nagging between coworkers ends up evolving into a genuine friendship.

Petty Nagging Between Coworkers Evolves Into Friendship

They were just joshing each other.
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Friend Has No Idea His Buddy's A Pilot, Fear Ensues

That excited giggling really ties the whole stunt together.
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An entitled friend rages after losing their free Netflix privileges. | AITA telling my friend she has no right getting mad her" Netflix account got "canceled So my friend is heavy Netflix user. She middle show her account got canceled. However, she uses her friend's Netflix account, and believe this friend OK with them using However, today told she tried login she received an "incorrect password" notification, and Netflix account gets canceled error says something along lines would like renew?"

Entitled Friend Rages After Losing Free Netflix Privileges

The entitlement will never end.
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slingshot rider stabilizes her friend's head and counts her pulse as she passes out

Slingshot Rider Stabilizes Her Friend's Head as She Passes Out

What a good friend.
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Dude intentionally embarrasses their influencer friend by letting them post dumb meme. | AITA embarrassing my "influencer" friend by intentionally letting her post meme made her look stupid? Not hole feel kind bad, but have friend who thinks herself as highly popular mom influencer (she's her 40s and she has habit taking other people's posts, memes, etc and reposting them as her own. She even steals personal, heartfelt words other bloggers and Instagrammers about their struggles with body image,

Dude Intentionally Embarrasses "Influencer" Friend, Lets Them Post Dumb Meme

Got 'em.
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Good friends use technology to make an earth sandwich by placing slices of bread on the ground on different ends of the world | harrisoncorboy OO wanna make earth sandwich live Australia or New Zealand? Australia Do have piece bread?

Mates Use Technology To Make An Earth Sandwich

Beautiful things happen when people work together.
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A delusional "good friend" expects a pair of free custom sneakers. | iMessage Today 13:17 Hey girl miss wanted ask if could paint some air forces with butterflies on them really like work and wanted know if could do them Lmk hey, been while!

"Good Friend" Expects Free Custom Sneakers

Yeah, great friend by the sound of it.
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A quick and entertaining post on what romantic friendships look like | silentthevoice would platonic date so many people like fuck yeah let take u out fancy restaurant let's get dressed up and go without all romantic involvement or anything like would be so nice -eagle-atarian friendship (d)[ip/ noun emotions or conduct friends state being friends old ties love and friendship relationship between friends. plural noun: friendships "she formed close friendships with women" synonyms: relationship,

Quick Tumblr Post On Romantic Friendships

Might as well just get married.
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wholesome signs of true friendship | ridiculoys don't have talk 24/7 know there each other no matter And do see/talk each other again s like no time has passed at all just have more stories tell.

Wholesome Green Flags of True Friendship

That's the good stuff.
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A Twitter thread about a woman's loving friends stepping up in her time of need | Sheila O'Malley @sheilakathleen year after my dad died so bad don't remember 90 moved new apt and unable unpack MONTHS ashamed couldn't unpack can be UNABLE unpack? Just open g.d. boxes year cried 19 days. Straight 1

Twitter Thread: Woman's Loving Friends Offer Beautiful Support

That's what real friends do.
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Freeloader friend expects guy to let him use his car, and rages when he gets rejected | Hey bro, is cool if still borrow whip tonight? Yeah man just bring back by 10 time swinging thru 6 Aight homie. See then Today 4:06 PM going give whip back tomorrow morning instead.

Entitled Friend Wants To Use Guy's Car To Get Laid

Someone has a weird conception of friendship.
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Girl's friends think that they're famous, and she tells them otherwise | AITA pointing out my friends they are not famous? Everyone Sucks My friends are dating, they're also actors who have had small roles on few tv shows talking two lines or less say this not be hater truly am rooting them, but give scope their reach. Neither them have following real life or on social media (they've got under 1500 followers combined Anyway last week posted group picture on Instagram people celebrating friends

Girl's Friends Think They're Famous, She Tells Them No

A whole lot of unnecessary drama.
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real life video game stag party

Guy's Friends Build Real-Life RPG, Throw Surprise Stag Party

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Choosing beggar expects his friend to loan him his new car for a date | Today 2:34 PM Hey bro, is cool if still borrow whip tonight? Yeah man just bring back by 10 time swinging thru Aight homie. See then

Choosing Beggar Expects Friend To Loan Him New Car

Entitlement is the darnedest thing.
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Car Flipper Scam

Woman Dodges Car Flipper Scam By Bringing Friend Along

Pro move bringing the mechanic friend along.
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