Check the fridge, there's a cool breeze that shouldn't be there. These chilly puns will have you thawing that heart in no time, so keep your eyes peeled.

Stock Up for Visiting Family Members

beer family fridge holidays funny - 7900787200
By cowboy7777

He's Ready to Party

beer Party fridge funny - 7879872256
By Unknown


beer decisions awesome fridge funny - 7865147648
By Unknown

I See a Shelf Not Full of Beer... WTF?!

beer fridge funny - 7836575744
By Unknown

Your Condiments and Lunch Meat Are the Most Important Thing

fridge funny - 7802590720
By Unknown

Fridge Fix

wood fridge funny there I fixed it - 7803459072
By Melonheaddan

At Least Pick Some Better Beers

beer gross pbr fridge funny - 7776319744
By Unknown

Duct Tape, 1; Gravity, 0

fridge duct tape funny there I fixed it - 7767726592
Via coldcokeandfreehugs

Carbonite Fridges Run at a Premium These Days

star wars nerdgasm Han Solo fridge funny g rated win - 7757991936
By Unknown

That's Cheating, I See Food in That Fridge

beer cheating food fridge - 7681936384
By Unknown

The Beer Wants You Just as Much as You Want It

beer wtf fridge funny - 7667535104
By Unknown

1) That's the Freezer 2) Have You Tried Opening It?

refrigerators ac fridge funny air conditioner g rated there I fixed it - 7625901056
By Unknown

Single Mans Fridge

beer awesome fridge funny failbook g rated - 7595081728
By random_task

Kevin Staaaaaahp

kitchen fridge - 4886889472
By Kevin

What's in Your Fridge

wine empty fridge funny - 7523252480
Via An Italian Summer

Fridge Vader WIN

star wars design nerdgasm fridge - 7483805184
Via Geeks Are Sexy