Check the fridge, there's a cool breeze that shouldn't be there. These chilly puns will have you thawing that heart in no time, so keep your eyes peeled.

One Creepy Beer

beer eyes fridge funny after 12 g rated - 8122351360
Via Chaselpard

A Fulfilling Love

facebook love fridge funny - 8120548608
Via Well Get One

Well, It Looks Like a Toilet...

wtf drunk pee fridge funny - 8117128192
By anselmbe

Sometimes the Clues Aren't Obvious Enough

obvious girlfriend fridge notes funny dating g rated - 8102709504
By Unknown

He Better Be Getting a Tip

BAMF special delivery fridge - 8102822656
By Unknown

After You've Lost One Too Many Meals to Scavenging Coworkers

monday thru friday work note food fridge - 8085264896
By Unknown

The Most Secret of Beer Fridges

beer hidden fridge funny after 12 g rated - 8072380416
By Unknown

Wait? Are Those Vodka Soaked Gummy Bears?

gummy bears vodka full fridge funny - 8036269312
By Unknown

Now That's a Moderate Amount of Beer

beer full fridge funny - 8033628672
By Unknown

Best Fridge in the World

beer awesome fridge keg - 7997296896
By Unknown

This Fridge Needs More Beer

beer fridge empty funny - 7994002944
By Unknown

Are You Ready for New Years?

beer new years Party fridge funny - 7975187200
By Unknown

Sometimes Your Ice Maker Works too Well

whoops ice fridge g rated fail nation - 7954086912
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One Wonderful Fridge

beer awesome fridge college funny - 7950344448
By Unknown

When Having a Beer Fridge Isn't Good Enough

beer fridge funny - 7946211328
By Unknown

This Is the Image of College Life

beer fridge funny wtf - 7938502400
By Unknown