DM's and messages of people being overly frugal with online deals from Craigslist and other common places for such things.

13 Frustrating Cheapskates Who Tried And Failed To Swindle People

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14 Entitled Cheapskates Whose Antics Never Cease to Amaze

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12 Idiotic Dirtbags Who Tried to Cheat People

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Hot Tip: Get a Free Pizza If Today's Your Birthday

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Cheaper Than The Grocery Store

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Created by anselmbe

I'll Trust Ackbar On This One

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While Supplies Last!

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Special Discount

free meat - 7171720448
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This False Advertising Is Getting Out of Hand

free beer and great wifi
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Best Day Ever

any day with a truck crash and free beer is a good day
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Not the Best Thing to Give Away on Craig's List

don't give away your virginity on craig's list.
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Someone Got Dumped

beer free funny sign - 8337235712
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Well, That's Sneaky

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The Free Beer Vending Machine

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No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

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Somethings Aren't Worth Being Free

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