brother mooch gets dumped on Aunts lawn

Aunt Defends Mooch Brother, He Gets Dumped On Her Porch

By all means, take the problem.
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Netflix makes a mistake and gives person free access for almost ten years

Error Grants Person Free Netflix for Years

Well, if they insist.
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entitled people and their absurd, stupid demands | 2008 Yaris S Sedan $4,000 l'l give 950 right now. No questions asked. Take or leave Every second wait on this offer drop price by $50 ball Is court 9:50 p.m. Haha! So offer is already at zero? Sent 9:53 p.m. No still 950 Take or leave 9:54 p.m. Nope only had 20 seconds respond, shoot. Guess missed out.

Entitled People With Their Audacious Demands

Some expert negotiating going on here.
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bank employee lol seagull funny free - 107161601

Seagull Gets 86'd From Bank By Employee

"Sorry your bills aren't accepted here."
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Delusional writer who believes they've written a bestseller vampire novel won't pay for editing

Delusional Writer Wants "The Next Twilight" Edited For Free

"Excuse me, Count Dracula is spelled with an O."
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Entitled mom wants free seashells but can't get them so she freaks out | 'l leave them out now bag on doorstep, take them whenever. Shoot. Darn s about 40 minutes away don't suppose there's anyway could meet half way don't really leave area here as 8 months pregnant and with COVID going on. But if ever area just let know and if they're still available l'll leave them out

Entitled Mom Loses It Over Free Seashells

"I want them, so bring them to me."
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guy angry that his free website isn't completely free and he has to pay for hosting and domain fees | Well given source code have buy own domain and hosting think given? 8:54 pm Bruh wtf is this joke s not call free, not even domain like seriously?

Dude Gets Free Website, Furious He Still Has to Pay for Hosting

Some folks have never heard of "quit while you're ahead"
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Ridiculous choosing beggars who made absurd demands | Oh giving her away free caring new owner Like said on ad know, but since taking responsibility cat Free, u should at least pay some money

Entitled People Who Need to Chill With Their Demands

The nerve is baffling.
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entitled people with excessive demands | to secure your spot in ur wedding party the hings will be required: a promise to host a party must be couples) at a venue ther than someone's house. Your wedding gift must be ash/check of at least $500. You must buy me or depending on which side your n) a "day of" gift of at least 100. - You must atten every shower/party we have and will be required to purchase a gift for each one (with a value of at least $50). - You will sign a contract that hold

Entitled Folks and Their Demanding Boldness

They've gotta have it.
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ridiculous entitled people and their absurd demands | Message 8 min ago would like buy iPhone 8 Plus 64Gb Unlocked 385.00 4 min ago okay $385 sounds good 3 min ago 350 gotta pay my kids braces 3 min ago no 3 min ago sorry 2 min ago so hate kids 1 min ago no need $385 my kids braces 55 s ago doubt anyone would fuck Message.

Entitled People and Their Unrealistic Demands

That's a bold move.
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Entitled people and their demands | come drop off still have Back deme Cont address, cheers Alright feel free drop ain't getting shit back and sure as hell not repairing shit Have my address is threat? Suck Today 10:08 AM Hey man bought guitar off last year do remember? my balls maniac right? Yeah do See ya tomo funny boy Summats wrong with neck strings are harder press down Sorry hear man. Maybe take an instrument repair shop or rockshop and let them have look? Bro listen either get repaired or

Entitled People and Their Unreasonable Demands

Imagine the confidence it takes to demand someone else fix a 30 dollar guitar you bought 8 months ago.
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Free funny legal tips and fails from a lawyer on facebook | L. Scott Briscoe's Free Legal Tips February 19,2014 Free Legal Tip Day #2 using friend's urine an attempt pass drug screen, drug test friend first Like Comment Share

Funny Lawyer's Free Legal Tips Shouldn't Even Need Saying

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Entitled people with absurd demands | l Bell 10:48 AM 100% D Marketplace CA$150 roller skates Mark as Sold More Options created this group not connected 1 member named group roller skates. changed group photo. Is this still available would pay 80 cash today if could deliver new west want knock off $70 and drive New West middle pandemic? Hard pass scared DRIVE OWN CAR lol Hard pass being an idiot AND twat. Good luck can see why they're still sale. Lol.

Entitled Folks and Their Never-Ending Demands

It never stops.
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Entitled customer demands extra free decals, artist goes into mail and removes any free stuff | So send two but not three? Unfortunately l'm pretty pressed time right now cut two because wanted make sure got design liked happy make another same price Our cars are going look silly with two having but not third would like refund sorry only charged vinyl, so 's non refundable. If cuts get and not happy with them can cut new one but have provide design not happy with ones send

Entitled Customer Getting Free Stuff Demands Extra, It Backfires

They just had to take it further.
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Rude entitled people who want stuff for free | $5? my most basic pieces start at $30 well it's supposed to be free because that's what you offered i'm being really generous here fine you want a $5 dragonborn in full armor with a special crest? i got something for you thank you! can i see it? worth all $5!!!

Entitled Fools Who are a Waste of Everyone's Time

You get what you pay for.
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Annoying ridiculous entitled people who want free stuff | Just those who don't math s $1.92/hour? My babysitter I have now gets paid that an she didn't have a problem with it. She loves kids an needed extra money. If your not interested then don't comment

Entitled People Who Need to Abandon Their Nonsense

That's pretty bold.
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