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Forget About Lighting!

facepalm for sale - 8412099584
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How Well Done do You Want Those Frozen Burritos?

bad idea for sale microwave - 8403519488
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Some People Have Strange Definitions of "Mint Condition"

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Do You Want to Thaw a Baby~

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Everything Looks Normal to Me...

whoops pets for sale spelling - 8398796800
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Just a Tiny bit of a Mistake

whoops accidental sexy for sale TV - 8397094400
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Oh Yeah, the Broken TV Market is BOOMING

for sale what TV - 8395040768
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Never Worn? Ever?

whoops for sale irony - 8395040000
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How Much For That Man-Meat in the Window?

for sale free stuff sexy times Overshare - 8391469824
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You're Going to do WHAT With Those Dogs?

dogs christmas for sale puppy failbook - 8391471872
Created by Kendra

And You Thought Single-Ply Was Uncomfortable...

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Created by terjegirl

This French Santa Claus-Looking Gent Wants to Sell You a Pill to Make Your Farts Smell Like Chocolate

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Have Some Extra Cash Lying Round? Why Not a Fully-Functioning NES Controller Coffee Table?

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You're Doing Marriage Right, Dude

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Created by corydg

Ever Wanted a Free (Prop) Deathray? This UK Advertising Firm is Giving Theirs Away!

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Everything About This Home for Rent in Oxford is Normal, Except the Shark Sticking Out of the Roof

design for sale hacked irl - 8380259072
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