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We're Only Halfway There on the Price

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Gollum is Selling Rare Stones Now?

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The Biggest Barbecue in the World is of Course Texan, and It's Up for Sale

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That Dog Will Really Eat Anything

dogs pets goats for sale wrong - 8438117120
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Anybody Want a Free Fish Assassin?

pets for sale free stuff failbook g rated - 8433979904
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A 22-Foot-Long Bicycle-Powered Star Destroyer is Up for Grab in Portland

star destroyer star wars nerdgasm for sale free stuff bike g rated win - 8434603008
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This Stretch VW Van is the Most Ridiculous Vehicle for Sale

volkswagen custom cars van for sale g rated win - 8433703168
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He Drives a Hard Bargain

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What's That About "Brand New"?

gross facepalm for sale failbook g rated - 8431258624
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Anybody Want This Creepy Elmo Skin?

costume for sale - 8426152192
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It's Never too Late to Find the Perfect Gift

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Forget About Lighting!

facepalm for sale - 8412099584
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How Well Done do You Want Those Frozen Burritos?

bad idea for sale microwave - 8403519488
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Some People Have Strange Definitions of "Mint Condition"

for sale phone what - 8397966592
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Do You Want to Thaw a Baby~

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Everything Looks Normal to Me...

whoops pets for sale spelling - 8398796800
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