Football fans grab your helmets and pads and start dribbling towards the goal. Whether you're all about the touchdown or bending it like Beckham, you won't leave disappointed. Sit back and check out some of the funniest football memes and jokes while you wait for the next match.

the-buffalo-bills espn nfl coworkers lol employee-prank workplace football office humor lmao funny the-bills - 1703431

Woman Surprises Her Male Coworkers With Her NFL Knowledge, Is Just Secretly Reading an ESPN Article Word-for-Word

Reading truly is knowledge…
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american football the-seahawks sports nfl the patriots football season Memes the-cowboys lol the-steelers National-Football-League football lmao sport-memes funny the-ravens - 17968645

Funniest NFL Memes for the Sports Fan Who Celebrates Football Season All Year Long

You think this is a game? This is a lifestyle!
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sports pittsburgh nfl yinz steelers steeler starting-quarterback Steel-nation Memes mike tomlin lol the-steelers stillers football lmao Steelers-nation - 17787909

The Funniest Football Memes Only Steeler Fans Will Understand

Welcome to Steelers memes nation.
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husband watches football game while life goes into labor, tries lying about it to his mother

Husband Watches Football Game While Wife Goes Into Labor, Tries Lying About It

Oh boy.
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sports lol pitcher soccer football funny field - 107724033

Random Guy Interrupts Soccer Match, Gets Shoulder Checked Into Oblivion

Worth the yellow card.
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sports fox cute lol football animals interrupt - 107666945

Fox Makes Its Way Onto Field During Football Game, Gets Crowd Support

Now that's some fox news.
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impressive crazy surprising nfl awesome ridiculous football Video win - 107495937

NFL Wide Receiver Pulls Off Crazy Gutsy Play

Go on then.
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live news wtf sports fire soccer football Video - 107475713

Sports Story Becomes Fire Story As Fire Breaks Out On Air

What a scoop.
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crazy surprising sports ridiculous football Video - 107455489

Massive 11-Year-Old Lineman Petrifies Opposing Team

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news sports nfl controversial awesome football Video - 2736390

Justin Tucker Kicks Game-Winning, Longest Field Goal In NFL History

Um, delay of game though.
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humor sports history FAIL nfl ridiculous football funny Video - 434439

Fast and Foolish: The Legend of DeSean Jackson

Andre Pegeron is a writer and comedian based in California. For some reason, he still loves his hometown Detroit Lions. Read his tweets about comedy, sports, and cities at @andrepegeron .
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Florida Fans Prank Tailgaters With Fake Snake

Too good.
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FAIL cringe Awkward ashton kutcher ridiculous celeb football college football Video - 107402753

Ashton Kutcher's GameDay Appearance Gets Drowned Out By Obnoxious Fans

Wow, like come on.
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Karen steals seat, gets crowded out by family

Karen Steals Seats, Family Squeezes In With Her

It's what she wanted, right?
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Gus Johnson's Call Of Insane Penn State Interception Goes Viral

What a pick.
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The United States Football League: Or The Ultimate Crazy Rich Guy Dumpster Fire

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