humor clever pilot ridiculous funny Video flying - 106958081

Clever Pilot Trolls Other Aircraft By Requesting Speed Check

What a ride.
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friendship humor pilot ridiculous funny Video flying - 106949377

Friend Has No Idea His Buddy's A Pilot, Fear Ensues

That excited giggling really ties the whole stunt together.
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Jet almost lands on carrier, comes within feet of landing but then goes back into sky

Pilot Attempts Landing, Nopes Back Into Sky

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crazy surprising jet Video flying - 106847233

Man's $70K RC Jet Is A Thing Of Beauty

He should put a GoPro on it.
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crazy awesome pilot Video win flying - 106805249

Pilot Shows Off Superhuman Skills In F/A-18 Carrier Break And Landing

Just imagine trying to do this at nighttime.
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crazy pilot Video airplane flying - 106798593

FA-18 "Super Hornet" Shatters Sound Barrier

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Woman demands instant tech support service, gets rejected, gives manager earful, and then misses her flight.

Woman Demands Instant Tech Support Service, Gets Denied, Gives Earful, Misses Flight

Some people are truly their own worst enemies.
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awesome interesting entertaining pilot Video win flying - 106390529

LA Speed Check Gets Narrated By Pilot

That was a trip.
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Speech-language pathologist helps out kid in need during flight. | Rachel R. Romeo @RachelRRomeo just had such an affirming experience. On my 8hr intl flight back conference sat next father/son broken English father began apologize/ warn his ~10 yr-old son had severe nonverbal autism, and this would like be difficult journey. 1/ 2:59 p.m 28 Aug. 19 Twitter Web App

Twitter Thread: Speech-Language Pathologist Helps Out Kid In Need On Flight

A trip right to the feels factory.
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pilot helps stuck RC airplane

Pilot Bros Fish An RC Airplane Out Of A Tree

A shining moment for humanity.
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pilots celebrating flying plane recovery

Boeing Test Pilots Celebrate A Harrowing Recovery

No thank you.
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flying fail bad pilot

Pilot Is So Bad It's Actually Impressive

Actual skills needed.
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Woman books full row of seats for broken leg and asks internet if she's wrong | r/AmItheAsshole Posted by u/super_poggielicious 1 day ago AITA booking up an entire row seats just myself? Not hole reference this, all happened before lockdown and orders shelter place 32f) broke my leg two places couple months ago and placed full leg cast took convalescent leave and decided fly my home state originally CA but stationed NC this is relevant so everyone understands time frame flight question.

Woman Wonders if She's a Jerk For Booking Entire Row For Broken Leg

She did buy all the seats...
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self entitled woman gets kicked off a plane and threatens to harm people's jobs

Flashback Fail: Self-Important Woman Kicked Off Flight

Someone certainly didn't have a job after this.
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phillipine air force forming the shape of the number 69 in the sky

Philippine Air Force Planes Form Figure "69"

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Stories of people faking illnesses and injuries | reddit post jmikk85 25.6k points 1 day ago Opthalmology technician. People pretend be blind all time. Go check their eye pressure with tonopen device poke them DIRECTLY into eye with and they go FUCK IS THING

People Who Faked Injuries and Illnesses

It's gotta be weird to be in medicine.
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