wtf drones funny remote control superman flying - 107753729

Dude Demonstrates Life-Sized RC Flying Superman

Look! Up in the sky!
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TSA forces traveller to open vacuum sealed bags

Clever Traveler Attempts to Save Space By Vacuum Sealing Clothing, Forgets About the TSA, Commenters Pull Through With Pro Travel Tips

We could start a 'volume' of travelling tips after this.
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A crazy Tumblr post about how a pilot ends up surviving an absolutely catastrophic malfunction on a plane.

Pilot's Window Breaks, Copilot Goes Full Superhero Mode

Talk about a genuine emotional rollercoaster.
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entitled mom demands flyer entertain her kid, flyer refuses and confrontation ensues

Entitled Mom Demands Fellow Flyer Entertain Her Kid, Flyer Has None Of It

There are a few kinds of flyers.
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entitled dad leaves kids with stranger on airplane

Entitled Dad Leaves Kids On Plane With Stranger, Ends Up Wholesomely

A questionable dad move.
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quit your bullshit satisfying FAIL ridiculous funny Video karma flying - 107248385

Exasperated 747 Pilot Calls Out All The Liars On TikTok

He's had enough.
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impressive cool awesome Video win flying - 107162625

US Helicopter Forced To Make Landing In Central Bucharest, Pulls It Off Smoothly

Nicely done there, sir.
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crazy surprising ridiculous Video flying - 107119361

Student Pilot Loses Engine, Maintains Surreal Level Of Calm

Dang, my dude.
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impressive awesome pilot dangerous win flying - 107062529

Pilot Masterfully Recovers From Boeing 717-200 Plane Stall

Talk about a gnarly surge of adrenaline.
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cool wtf car technology plane win airplane flying - 107045889

Literal Flying Car Makes First Inter-City Flight

Finally, people in the 2020s can have what people in the 50s thought they'd have by the 80s.
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crazy surprising awesome pilot dangerous Video flying - 107002113

Turkish F-16 Pilot Flies Extremely Close Over Spectators

Yeah, I'm chilling on that.
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crazy awesome outer space Video space win flying - 106973441

Space Shuttle Launch As Seen From A Plane

Drinks are on the house.
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story of overworked flight attendant who played a plane crash movie on an airplane

Overworked Flight Attendant Told To Play "Interesting" Movie, Plays Disaster Film

Well she definitely found a riveting one.
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humor clever pilot ridiculous funny Video flying - 106958081

Clever Pilot Trolls Other Aircraft By Requesting Speed Check

What a ride.
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friendship humor pilot ridiculous funny Video flying - 106949377

Friend Has No Idea His Buddy's A Pilot, Fear Ensues

That excited giggling really ties the whole stunt together.
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Jet almost lands on carrier, comes within feet of landing but then goes back into sky

Pilot Attempts Landing, Nopes Back Into Sky

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