Bees Sense the Electric Fields of Flowers

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Via National Geographic

Millions of Baby Blue Eye Flowers Make Hitachi Seaside Park Look Like a Botanical Ocean

flowers pretty colors mother nature ftw - 8263277312
Via Colossal

No Better Gift

bottle cap flowers growlers funny - 8202654720
Via Spider-Martini

The Answers Aren't All Roses...

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They Really Have it Rough in California

california flowers winter g rated failbook - 8091920640
Created by abyjim

This Date Could Have Ended Better

fight flowers angry funny - 8083876352
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Probably Safer to By Condoms Instead of Flowers Then.

sign STD flowers funny Valentines day - 8058074112
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Life Gets Complicated When You Dance

dancing wtf tattoos flowers snakes - 4288089088
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Dandelions Are Actually Weeds

dandelions flowers tattoos - 4333268480
Created by lollolland

Guaranteed to Make Your Day Better

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Thanks for Making Me Feel Terrible Again!

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Flower or Boulder?

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Moment Ruined

dating flowers romance - 7907151104
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Anatomically Suggestive Rose Tattoo

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Created by Kathy

The Floral Footsteps of Santa Maria Del Monte

design stairs flowers pretty colors - 7852904192

An Amazing Array of Cliches

bad tattoos flowers - 4428017408
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