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'I thought I would get a chuckle from the crowd': Extreme cringe ensues as man embarrasses his new GF at family wedding

Immediately after introducing himself to his new girlfriend's family, this guy committed a wild wedding faux pas . Now, he's scratching his head, wondering if he was the bad guy in this situation. Perhaps he wasn't expecting to get roasted by r/AmItheA******, but he certainly did! As u/iWorkWithPlanes explained, he went to a wedding where his girlfriend's entire family was. After meeting everyone, the ceremony and reception commenced, and that was when the OP decided to lighten the mood, for so…
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Mom orders flowers from a small business, and they go above and beyond with the gesture of kindness | Maureen Johnson O @maureenjohnson My mother just called She had ordered some flowers small local store be delivered and dropped on porch they brought flowers, they said Hang on have something driver went back truck and proceeded bring out 11:39 AM 2020-04-29 Twitter Web Client

Twitter Thread: Mom Orders Flowers, Business Goes Above And Beyond

A nice reminder that humans can be awesome.
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Mom's Bee Costume Is the Most Wholesome Amazon Review of All Time

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17 Unstoppable Plants Who Won't Take No for an Answer

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Roses are Red and All Over Your Head

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This Flower Girl Does the Most Natural Thing About Wedding Ceremonies Being Too Damn Long

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Date Night

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Student Accidentally Gifted Teacher's Wife Thong Underwear

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Incredible Transforming Origami!

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Welcome to 2012!

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No Watering Needed

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3 Strikes You're Out

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Maybe He's a Florist?

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Fail of the Day: Disappointed Customers Say That 1-800-Flowers Ruined Mother’s Day

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Rosie O'Forehead

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It's a Bed of Flowers! Get it?

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