Teasing For Snickers and Giggles

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Bad Flirting Can Be a Full-Contact Sport

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Some Girl's Don't Know How to Take a Compliment

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Don't Play

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My Drug of Choice

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Forget DMs, This NFL Player Used a Public Olympic Support Video to Ask Out Gold-Winning Gymnast Aly Raisman (and it Worked)

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Killin' It

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Talk Money to Me

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Nobody Can Resist Chicken Dippers

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Damn Gurrl

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Sofie Turner Is Ready

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Double-Check Before You Try and Impress Someone With Your PokéSquad

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British Police Declare "Hitting on Women" As Being a Hate Crime

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Too Much Sexy

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Backhanded Compliment

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Not the Reaction She Was Looking For

when chemistry class get in the way of your sexting
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