fire extinguisher

The Extinguisher's Vacation Days

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Grab The... Uhh... The Thing!

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Budget Cuts Hit Everyone Hard

safety first fire extinguisher Office funny fail nation g rated - 7490801920
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Well, Looks Like We're Boned

fire fire extinguisher irony fail nation g rated - 7323414016
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The Council Isn't Too Impressed With the Fire Safety Precautions...

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In Case of Fire, Cut Tape

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Old School Fire Prevention

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Lighter WIN

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No Fire Extinguisher Available? Guess What?

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Gonna Burn to Death? At Least You'll Be Germ Free!

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Emergency Preparation FAIL

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FAIL Nation: Barbecue Season FAIL

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Do Not Punch WIN

basketball fire extinguisher glass injury sports whoops - 6185032448
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Engrish Funny: This seems like a fire hazard just because of the unreadable label

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Fire Extinguisher Access FAIL

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caution clever dangerous dont-try-this-at-home fire fire extinguisher vacuum Video - 25583361

Vacuum WIN

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