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video of Hungarian tank/jet combinaton that blows out oil fires

Hungarians Put Jet Engines on A Tank To Blow Out Oil Fires

It's like a birthday cake, but with a tank and a fighter jet.
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Emergency Preparedness FAIL

emergency hand sanitizer fire extinguisher - 6636308480
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Neglecting the Barbecue FAIL

barbecue fire accident fire extinguisher - 6678970368
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That Oughtta Do the Trick

fire extinguisher water bottle fire - 6681507072
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Just in Case Your Dinner is Extra Spicy

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facepalm fire extinguisher Video fail nation - 65505025

Congratulations, You Have Failed Basic Fire Extinguisher Training

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Is Your Fire Safety Plan Up to Code?

monday thru friday safety first fire extinguisher - 8281095936
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In Case of Emergency

monday thru friday work fire extinguisher safety g rated - 8150856960
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What Kind of Store is This?

monday thru friday sign retail work fire extinguisher - 8152256256
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Nothing Could be Done About it

news headline fire extinguisher irony - 8138735872
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It Makes Fires That Much More Noble and Handsome

engrish fire extinguisher - 8115236096
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fire extinguisher irony fire - 7979293952
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In Case of Fire

fire extinguisher there I fixed it water bottle - 7908751360
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You'll Be Able to Hammer Out a Solution

hammer fire extinguisher there I fixed it - 7196966912
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This Fixes Nothing

signs fire extinguisher there I fixed it g rated - 7857587456
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There's More Than One Way to Put Out a Fire, Right?

mop fire extinguisher there I fixed it - 7847152896
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