Roll film. It's time to take that reel and bring it all the way back. These cinema puns will have you watching your favorites all over again.

Twitter users describe the movies that scared them as kids | tweet by  DC @dcb97 Replying loudandfearless This scene Pinocchio haunted years. Thanks lot, Disney. still from the disney movie Pinocchio silhouettes of a donkey and a boy

Movies That Sent Chills Down People's Adolescent Spines

No, not okay.
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Moments in movies that are unrealistic | posted by marfou Finding parking spot front building going into.

Movie Elements That Aren't Like That In Real Life

No one ever has to sneeze or go to the bathroom.
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A collection of Twitter users properly describing different movies.

Twitter Users Properly And Hilariously Honestly Describe Movies

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artists Music awesome movies red carpet film stars funny Video win television - 96957441

Floyd Lloyd Gets Stars to Say He Rocks for Decades

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annoying movie tropes

20 Annoying Movie Tropes That Infuriate People to No End

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crazy Joaquin Phoenix DC the joker crime film Video - 468486

Joaquin Phoenix Runs Around Creating Mayhem As The Joker In New Footage

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disturbing facts that can't be unlearned

15+ Disturbing Facts That You Cannot Unlearn

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twitter Harry Potter voldemort movies dumbledore live tweet film - 5553413

Harry Potter Virgin Live-Tweets Movie, Relives Your Childhood

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horror racism criticism nice try film - 5451525

Critic Blasted for Stretching "A Quiet Place" into White Supremacy Metaphor

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twitter man tourists film funny penis museum - 5027333

Guy's NSFW Twitter Story About Why Sign's His Fault Will Leave You In Tears

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History Class

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photography cute camera film love Video - 69885185

Taking Pictures: Love Through the Lens of a Camera

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Tinder Users at SXSW Are Falling For Her

Ava is just a sentient AI looking for a little love
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film science Video - 66692353

Wanderers Depicts What it Could Be Like to Explore Our Solar System

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WIN!: Considerate WIN

film not what it looks like note notice win zombie - 6304915712
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So. Who's Rethinking Their Life Now?

drama film Hall of Fame Video - 6165400576
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