Roll film. It's time to take that reel and bring it all the way back. These cinema puns will have you watching your favorites all over again.

marvel marvel comics guardians of the galaxy comics marvel cinematic universe film iron man cinema mcu avengers - 499207

10 Reasons Why Marvel Has Ruined Filmmaking

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villains people felt should win

People Share Villains Who They Feel Deserved To Win

It's a matter of perspective.
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actor movies impersonation film robin williams - 107491329

Jamie Costa Absolutely Nails Robin Williams In Biopic Test Footage

That's him alright.
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things movies make look fun but aren't

Activities That Look Fun In Movies But Are Actually Terrible

There are some leaps in logic.
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cool practical effects for an ad with no cgi

Mind-Bending Japanese Ad Features No CGI

For a sports drink, of all things.
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movies that would have ended sooner if characters weren't stupid

Movies That Would Be Way Shorter If Characters Were Reasonable

It's like every movie has an eyeroll moment.
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cool bowling alley scene shot by tightly piloted drone

Drone-Shot Bowling Scene Is Kind of Amazing

That's smooth.
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Your Brain On Cracked movie villains

3 Villains Whose Plans Needed A Second Draft

Those zombies in "I Am Legend" though.
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Your Brain On Cracked behind the scenes secrets

4 Behind-The-Scenes Facts That Ruin Your Favorite Movies

Ignorance is bliss.
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Your Brain On Cracked video game movies

4 Video Games More Games Need To Rip Off

Yes, please.
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Samurai sword master reacting to hollywood sword fights INSIDER how real is it

Samurai Sword Master Analyzes Sword Fights In Movies

The movies getting carried away as usual.
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Your Brain On Cracked weird bathroom scenes in movies

6 Absurd Things That Prove Hollywood Doesn’t Know Crap About Bathrooms

Real life certainly ain't like the movies.
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Why The "Star Wars" Sequel Trilogy Was Doomed From The Start

Yay, Star Wars stuff.
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Your brain on Cracked 4 bizarre movie tropes and their super weird implications John Wick

Bizarre Movie Tropes And Their Super Weird Implications

Strange indeed.
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People describe those plot holes in movies that they just can't get over | star wars c3po ghostfrog 9h 8 million forms communication and Threepio doesn't speak Jawa?

Gaping Plot Holes In Movies People Can't Get Over

Some plot holes are just too big.
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A collection of movie cliches that people never really see | scottiebass 4h No matter crowded city or time day is, there will ALWAYS be an open parking spot right| exactly front wherever they're driving .

Movie Cliches People Never Really See

Movies and real life are two very separate realities.
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