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Wendy's Twitter Goes On The Attack, Roasts Everyone For National Roast Day

As everyone knows by now, Wendy's is the be-all-end-all for Twitter brutality masquerading itself as a fast food company. But let's get down to brass tacks, this is just a weird form of advertising. It doesn't really make us want to eat square burgers and finger chili, but man, the replies are gold tier. It's a hard phenomenon to place. It feels weird and gross to watch sporting goods stores and food brands use word mercenaries to compete for attention, but at the same time, it's absolutely sur…
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customer service oddly specific doordash uber fast food choosing beggar - 16134149

Entitled Demanding Dunce Details Ridiculously Specific DoorDash Request

The whip cream in a cup was one step too far.
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Ads, toys and pictures from 80s and 90s fast food nostalgia | wwen PAPY oe PLUNAS McDonald's Happy Meal ty teenie BEANIE BABIES PAMINIO teenie GOE April 11-May 15, 1997 HOO TUILE Also available! New Toddler Toys | bucket s finger lickin good Kentucky Fried Chicken

An Unhealthy Indulgence of Fast Food Nostalgia

There were so many rumors about the ball pit.
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customer service relatable McDonald's ridiculous food fast food Video - 2578438

McDonald's Customer Asks For Fresh Fries, TikToker Shows How It's Handled

Maybe a microwave next time around.
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McDonald's employees describe the various secrets that they discovered while working there.

Secrets McDonald's Employees Discovered While Working There

Apparently people enjoy fish meals more on rainy days.
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An entitled Karen thinks that army cadet works at McDonald's and learns otherwise.

Entitled Karen Thinks Army Cadet Works At McDonald's

Karen was having a bit of an off day.
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McDonald's Worker Exposes Cookies Situation On TikTok

Say it ain't so.
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A collection of fast food workers and customers' wildest memories from the drive-thru.

Fast Food Workers And Customers' Wildest Drive-Thru Memories

Never know what you might see on a shift.
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Fast food employees describe their most loathed food menu items. | TheLikeGuys3 1d 8 3 Awards Did month at Golden Corral during my senior year high school. Roaches Meat. Freezer. Roaches t. Freezer

Fast Food Employees' Most Loathed Menu Items

Just don't eat these.
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A ridiculous Twitter thread about a very strange drive thru experience. | Josh Raby @JoshRaby 16h 's 1AM and decided wanted milkshake. So there's McDonald's near my house greeted at drive thru by following sentence: 17 2,464 3,583 Josh Raby @JoshRaby 16h "Hey holy shit hello are at McDonald's, and am begging patience L7 640 993 Josh Raby @JoshRaby 16h There are no other cars here, by way caught off guard so l mumble "Um, ok can have voice comes back Praise

Twitter Thread: Man Goes To McDonald's, Strange Drive Thru Adventure Ensues

Not a typical night at McDonald's.
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McDonalds ice cream machines always broken

Man Explains McDonald's Ice Cream Machine Protocol

Finally, an explanation.
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People describe what would go into their angry meals from McDonald's | sutree1 1d S 1 Award Just regular Happy Meal, but have watch get cold on rack while no one serves Reply 8.1k

AskReddit Thread: People's McAngry Meals

McDonald's could really have something here.
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Funny Twitter thread about a man's surreal McDonald's visit | Josh Raby @JoshRaby 's 1AM and decided wanted milkshake. So there's McDonald's near my house greeted at drive thru by following sentence:

Twitter Thread: Man's McDonald's Trip Reads Like A Fever Dream

Never forget.
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A collection of tweets about working at McDonald's | McDonald's Crew Members @mcdsfam "Do y'all still have Big Macs do still have sandwich is basically named after restaurant chain? Yes do.

Trials And Tribulations Of Working At McDonald's

The struggle is real.
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funny life hack mcdonald's

Devious Dudes Discover Clutch McDonald's Hack

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cringe fail Thanks for Your Order Your Total: $ 8.86 please pull forward drive thru

Man Tries Cringeworthy Bit On Taco Bell Employee, Fails Miserably

Ultra cringe.
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