faith in humanity

People describe the most wholesome things that they've seen | flowercrownrugged 319d 3 1 Award forgot plate waffle making machine at college and went sprinting across dining commons get one because timer about go off and ran straight toward plates and this guy standing there and his immediate gut reaction open his arms and hug have no idea who he and waffle didn't burn. EDIT hugged glorious. 4.3k

Most Wholesome Things People Have Seen

Sometimes humans are awesome.
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A bricklayer maintains his self-esteem in spite of an absolutely terrible boss.

Bricklayer Maintains Self-Esteem In Spite Of Terrible Boss

Team Jerry all the way.
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nice wholesome moments

Wholesome Moments To Regain Some Faith In Humanity

It's a nice reminder.
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A retired dad walks dogs at the local dog shelter, and makes bios for them | Andrea Richardson @Aandrealleigh My dad is retired, and has started walking dogs at local shelter on Wednesday mornings. He sends picture and little bio about them sometimes. Shelby. Adopted yesterday! Yea! andrea radiates awIesomenece iMessage DR JoJo! He's puller! German Shepard mix walked him before. DR DR Nana. Good dog. One brown eye one blue eye. Looks like good boy DR Dave Richardson Nana! Like Peter Pan! He is.

Retired Dad Walks Dogs At Local Shelter, Makes Bios For Them

Dad of the year already.
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Rude customers get called out for being rude to a hard working employee.

Rude Customers Get Called Out For Being Entitled And Impatient

Kevin and Chad asked for it.
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Good friends use technology to make an earth sandwich by placing slices of bread on the ground on different ends of the world | harrisoncorboy OO wanna make earth sandwich live Australia or New Zealand? Australia Do have piece bread?

Mates Use Technology To Make An Earth Sandwich

Beautiful things happen when people work together.
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Speech-language pathologist helps out kid in need during flight. | Rachel R. Romeo @RachelRRomeo just had such an affirming experience. On my 8hr intl flight back conference sat next father/son broken English father began apologize/ warn his ~10 yr-old son had severe nonverbal autism, and this would like be difficult journey. 1/ 2:59 p.m 28 Aug. 19 Twitter Web App

Twitter Thread: Speech-Language Pathologist Helps Out Kid In Need On Flight

A trip right to the feels factory.
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pilot helps stuck RC airplane

Pilot Bros Fish An RC Airplane Out Of A Tree

A shining moment for humanity.
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Cameraman saves man during skydiving dangerous fail crazy video

Cameraman Low Key Saves Man's Life While Skydiving

A shining moment for humanity, for sure.
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A collection of reminders that Keanu Reeves is the world's greatest human being | tweet by RahulKohli13 Iwill never love my future wife, future children, pets or grandchildren more than love Keanu Reeves..and they will have live with knowledge.

Pleasant Reminders That Keanu Reeves Is The World's Greatest Human

Keanu Reeves is just a next level human being.
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heartwarming halloween trick or treat moment girl in costume puts her own candy in a bowl

Girl On Halloween Leaves Her Own Candy For Other Kids

Kid's clearly destined for great things.
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person in a kayak saves a drowning deer in water

Kayaker Saves a Deer from Drowning in Italy

Perfect timing.
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People describe their most wholesome experiences with strangers | Greenfireflygirl had knock on my door and opened there stranger with gift card local garden store Apparently her kid had been pinching tulips my garden every day give his mom and they wanted pay them, once they figured out whose garden they were coming had thought squirrels were doing and had regretted planting them year before, not being able enjoy them spent gift card on more bulbs!

People's Most Wholesome Experiences With Strangers

Sometimes human beings are awesome.
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Woman tells the story of helping a young woman who was having a seizure | Erynn Brook @ErynnBrook Follow waiting on kitty ultrasound results and trying distract myself little bit so l'd like tell story about something happened last night hopes can process my feelings around met girl on train last night.

Twitter Thread: Woman Helps Stranger In Dire Need Of Assistance

Always be ready to help out that stranger in need.
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Emotional Twitter thread about student helping classmate with social anxiety | baileyanastas @baileyanastas had this girl my class and she considered be like REALLY DUMB. She'd ask ton questions class, which everybody would consider be "stupid"and "silly" and even teachers would often taunt her but she'd never stop asking

Twitter Thread: Girl Endures Teasing For Anxious Friend

Now that friend is a real keeper.
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A collection of times that humans were total bros to one another | To people eating out my GARBAGE have more Love for Than Think. Please Just come and Tell Hungry will give fresh Slice Pizza water. GOD Bless | Augie Nash @AugieNash at Sam's Club Older couple 70's checking out Cashier asks if they found everything they needed Lady said no needed bread Young man 20's heard this and says "Ma'am have loaf can have, and if see anything my cart welcome

Loving Humans Being Absolute Bros

Bring on the feels.
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