faith in humanity

Woman tells the story of helping a young woman who was having a seizure | Erynn Brook @ErynnBrook Follow waiting on kitty ultrasound results and trying distract myself little bit so l'd like tell story about something happened last night hopes can process my feelings around met girl on train last night.

Twitter Thread: Woman Helps Stranger In Dire Need Of Assistance

Always be ready to help out that stranger in need.
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Emotional Twitter thread about student helping classmate with social anxiety | baileyanastas @baileyanastas had this girl my class and she considered be like REALLY DUMB. She'd ask ton questions class, which everybody would consider be "stupid"and "silly" and even teachers would often taunt her but she'd never stop asking

Twitter Thread: Girl Endures Teasing For Anxious Friend

Now that friend is a real keeper.
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A collection of times that humans were total bros to one another | To people eating out my GARBAGE have more Love for Than Think. Please Just come and Tell Hungry will give fresh Slice Pizza water. GOD Bless | Augie Nash @AugieNash at Sam's Club Older couple 70's checking out Cashier asks if they found everything they needed Lady said no needed bread Young man 20's heard this and says "Ma'am have loaf can have, and if see anything my cart welcome

Loving Humans Being Absolute Bros

Bring on the feels.
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A speech pathologist helps out autistic kid on flight | Rachel R. Romeo @RachelRRomeo just had such an affirming experience. On my 8hr intl flight back conference sat next father/son broken English father began apologize/ warn his ~10 yr-old son had severe nonverbal autism, and this would like be difficult journey. 1/

Twitter Thread: A Speech-Language Pathologist's Affirming Experience

What a touching story.
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Woman discovers a worm in her salad, and a surprising customer service story results | Leila Jayne Daly Sainsbury's September 7 at 1:06pm Portishead e Dear Sainsbury's is with sad heart write inform lettuce made fat. Today, starving entered my kitchen make my lunch. Upon opening this fine lettuce noticed someone had already began eating Who, may ask? Well this little worm. As can imagine absolutely horrified. My children started crying, my cats started headbutting wall shock soiled myself, my

Woman Finds Worm In Salad, Surprising Customer Service Story Ensues

Sainsbury's took it in stride.
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Kid's letters inspires wholesome vulnerability from other people. | Hugh Weber @hughweber Emerson, my 11 year old, is on bit wild ride with USPS and our local mail carrier, Doug. And think there's deeper message all. First backstory 6:45 PM 5/2/20 Twitter iPhone 2,805 Retweets 6,188 Likes

Twitter Thread: Kid's Letters Inspires Wholesome Vulnerability

Genuinely touching.
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People describe the kindest things that they've overheard about themselves | PonchoBeano ly longtime drummer. been playing bands over 20 years. recently just joined new band and after our first gig together overheard singer talking with someone about set and sound new lineup singer saying born drummer. this guy totally meant play drums so stoked he's my band probably coolest thing accidentally overheard about myself.

Kindest Things People Overheard About Themselves

The best kind of overheard.
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making a commercial for a car sold on craigslist

Guys Make Commercial For Total Stranger Selling Car On Craigslist

This is how cars should be sold.
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Toddler leaves unwanted graffiti on car | Cheers and Jeers Conversation Starter 2 hrs Cheers lovely artwork left on my car by cute little toddler next door. As much as l'd love keep think would have been better have drawn picture using markers and paper and would have proudly hung on my refrigerator. Unfortunately gonna have buff out her masterpiece, so cheers detailer who can buff out scratches and leave my car looking good as new! Write comment GIF

Toddler Leaves Unwanted Artwork On Car, Detailer Restores Faith In Humanity

Love it when humanity shines.
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Customer accidentally ghosts order, but proceeds to make good on paying for it days later | r/tifu JOIN u/Wellworn5 16h TIFU Made nice lady cry twice Decided order thai food our lunch call and they say 10 minutes get place and familiar face greets Hostess says have no orders called replied called about 12 minutes ago. She says no have no orders Sir said had ordered pad see ew w/ beef and pad pak w/ tofu not spicy. Nope.

Customer Accidentally Ghosts Lunch Order, Makes Good On It Days Later

That's how to handle a fail.
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Twitter thread about freshwater shrimp is full of love | Bug Chicks @TheBugChicks Story time. An adrenaline pumping tale indifference, near-tragedy and redemption. This is story knew capable great love with pair freshwater shrimp thread

Woman Purchases Freshwater Shrimp, Spontaneous Love Ensues

Sal and Marty are the ultra homies.
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Collection of wholesome greentexts from people spreading light in the world | Anonymous No.56627033 >go kfc >super cute cashier stares eyes wow hair looks so good t-thanks everybody says Should cut dont listen them :3 crying wojak npc wearing a smiling mask

Wholesome Greentexts Full Of Light And Goodness

Take a break from all the fails and light up that world with some wholesome.
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Funny and nice wholesome memes | excited/accomplished faces avalanche rescue dogs finding their patient buried snow during search drills. four dogs looking down a snowy hole. Buckle up ones love person taking selfie in a car with a tiny kitten strapped safely in the passenger seat

Wholesome Memes and Moments to Restore some Sanity

Nice things are nice.
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Woman gets followed home by a few creepy guys getting off the train, and a stranger helps her out | W Black Professor @Wonderbitch82 walking train few minutes ago and woman walked right up and gave tight hug and whispered quickly please act like know 3 guys are following while played along then walked her 3 blocks home an experience both us. 8:24 PM 07 Feb 20 Twitter Android 58.9K Retweets 373K Likes

Woman Gets Followed Home, Stranger Helps Her Out

A powerful story on the kindness of strangers.
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Donut shop owner handle's a customer's angry review with a very graceful approach.

Donut Shop Owner Handles Customer's Angry Review Like A Boss

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Dad reaches out to a guy that he used to bully as kids, and apologizes.

Dad Apologizes For Being A Bully Decades Later

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