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Pretty Sure This Dude Was Hacked for That

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Unless You Prefer to Shop Online

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Young Love Kills

failbook facebook romeo and juliet - 8973503744
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In Need of a Sacrifice

failbook facebook dating - 8973993984
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To Unite All People Within McNation

failbook facebook McDonald's pokemon go - 8973520128
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The Devil Is No Match For Pasta

angel pasta failbook facebook - 8973491712
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...Same Thing...

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It's Ok, You Don't Need an Invite

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They Come in all Shapes and Sizes

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There's No "I" in Team

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Best Buy Is the Worst

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Obey Your Thirst, Bro

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facebook page that ruins clickbait titles

This Hero Is Saving Facebook By Destroying Clickbait Headlines

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That Internal Investigation

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Targeting That Young Demographic With the Spoof About Pandering to That Same Demographic

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