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30+ Subtle Red Flags From Employers That You Might Not Immediately Catch

Some things stand out to you immediately as being out of place—like feeling the skin suddenly crawling on the back of your neck when you're walking through the park at night. We're primally—well… ‘primed’ for picking out when things are potentially dangerous; that innate survival instinct works wonders for picking up when things aren't quite what they seem. However, some people are cunning and practiced in their duplicity, and chances are you might miss the subtle hints that things really aren'…
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"I thought he overreacted': Wife gets husband in trouble at work after taking his work laptop for her Facebook fix, thinks she's done nothing wrong

"I thought he overreacted': Wife gets husband in trouble at work after taking his work laptop for her Facebook fix, thinks she's done nothing wrong

It's 2023, and a lot of us are more addicted to social media, streaming services, or YouTube than we'd probably care to admit. We'll take anything and everything — all at once — as long as it saves us from having a single thought enter our head that will lead us to reflect on our own existence. The buzzing hum of constant stimulation provides us with the means necessary to fill the void left by whatever our lives used to be. Unfortunately, despite the constant urge to check the reason behind th…
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50+ Random Memes to Enhance Your Existence on This Mortal Plane

In scheduling out our Facebook page, I go through a lot of memes — it's just kind of the nature of the job. Throughout the course of this delicate and precise selection process, there are dozens of memes that don't make the cut; these are the ones that did. This selection, a heaping helping of 50+ memes, are those that we have posted to our section's Facebook page. Consider this a spiritual successor to last year's “Most Memes of the Week” series, which I made the executive decision to disconti…
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Entitled Boomer upset neighborhood children won't shovel his drive in -4 degree freezing temperatures, gets roasted

'You're crazy': Entitled Boomer upset neighborhood children won't shovel his drive in -4 degree freezing temperatures, gets roasted

Back in his day, kids used to walk to school uphill both ways — backward, with their legs tied together and while balancing a razor-sharp scimitar atop their head. Apparently, these entrepreneurial youths also used to knock on people's doors during blizzards and sub-zero temperatures in order to offer their shoveling services for a fiver… Next, they'll be telling us that Minecraft is evidence that the children yearn for the mines . It might be frightfully cold out, but that didn't stop this ent…
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People who made funny mistakes in messages and online posts

40+ People who were so close but just couldn't get it right

We're not always going to succeed at everything we do in life, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. There is a certain purpose and dignity in the attempt itself that is meaningful in and of itself. At least, that's how it might have been before the internet. Now, every mistake you make is immortalized for eternity somewhere online. Every video of that stupid thing you did, every hot-take that you Tweeted out in 2012, it's all up there in the cloud somewhere (aka sitting on a server in a room…
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What do you call the end piece of bread?

30+ People share different culture's names for that 'end piece of the bread', a surprising amount of cultures have the same idea

If you needed proof that all cultures have something in common: This is it. As it turns out, that end piece of crusty bread is regarded in a similar, if not identical, way in each culture. Forever an outcast, or as the Scottish put it: an outsider, that end piece of bread is regarded by all to be an inferior or unwanted portion, earning names like 'The Mother-in-Law,' the 'Butt' 'Boss,' 'Heel,' 'Nob'; all terms being derogatory, unwanted, and utterly dreadful, dirty things. This is a topic that…
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Insane Choosing Beggar Wants to Pay Less Than $3/Hr For Childcare

A single mother posted this message to a Facebook group, requesting a childcare provider capable and willing to work for less than $3 an hour. The concerning thing here is that the poster is quick to share all of the problems that they are currently dealing with as justification for paying such a miserably low rate. Yet, not once do they take any ownership for any part of their situation. Every problem they have is described as being the fault of something/someone other than themselves. These s…
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10 Trending Tragic Moments That Went Terribly Wrong and Made People Say 'Well, That Sucks'

Yes, I know I know, I can already see the comments. “What is this? Actual Fails on Fail Blog?”
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Entitled Karen Wants to Buy Woman's Service Dog, Won't Take No For an Answer

An insane Karen sent this woman a message asking to buy her service dog and after receiving multiple “Nos”, she launched into Super Saiyan Karen mode. Screenshots of the exchange were posted to Reddit, where they have been making rounds in relevant subreddits. This thread was shared to Reddit's r/entitledb*tch subreddit, which deals with a predictable subject matter. Often users will post exchanges, such as this one, or text-based stories to the sub in order to out entitled Karens or vent a lit…
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Entitled Marketplace Karen Loses It

After listing their dining set on Facebook Marketplace this would-be seller didn't expect that they'd be accosted by a wild marketplace Karen. This Karen was feral for the set and didn't appreciate not receiving instant replies to her requests; she proceeded to irrationally lose her marbles with a string of entitled messages to the seller. We've said it before, and we'll say it again… Selling used goods on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist , or any other free equivalent platform is pretty easy……
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Insane Manager Tells Mother She Can't Miss Work to Stay With Her Dying Child, Gets Fired

Commenters say she was fired shortly after this went viral.
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Barista Posts TikTok Degrading Guy's Mother, She Gets Fired When He Shows Her Manager After She Refuses to Take it Down

When social media has repercussions.
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FAIL cringe failbook social media - 15934469

Shocking Failures From the Cringey Idiots of Social Media

It's astounding how dumb some people can be.
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Trashy Family Cheating Scandal Emerges on Facebook Sale for Baby Bassinet, Cringey Public Feud Ensues

People like this actually exist?
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Woman Pleads For Spare Box From Vitamix After Cats Claim Blender as Their Own

If it fits. I sits.
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Wholesome Vets Put Children's Fears to Rest Regarding Santa's Reindeer, Pledge Their Support to Helping Them

Probably not surprising that a group of people who have devoted their lives to helping sick and injured animals turn out to be a wholesome bunch.
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