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childcare crazy mother failbook facebook mom karen choosing beggar hun - 17817349

Insane Choosing Beggar Wants to Pay Less Than $3/Hr For Childcare

A single mother posted this message to a Facebook group, requesting a childcare provider capable and willing to work for less than $3 an hour. The concerning thing here is that the poster is quick to share all of the problems that they are currently dealing with as justification for paying such a miserably low rate. Yet, not once do they take any ownership for any part of their situation. Every problem they have is described as being the fault of something/someone other than themselves. These s…
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FAILS FAIL failbook wellthatsucks funny fails funny - 17805573

10 Trending Tragic Moments That Went Terribly Wrong and Made People Say 'Well, That Sucks'

Yes, I know I know, I can already see the comments. “What is this? Actual Fails on Fail Blog?”
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insane text message failbook karens in the wild entitled karen entitled people reddit thread Reddit - 17644549

Entitled Karen Wants to Buy Woman's Service Dog, Won't Take No For an Answer

An insane Karen sent this woman a message asking to buy her service dog and after receiving multiple “Nos”, she launched into Super Saiyan Karen mode. Screenshots of the exchange were posted to Reddit, where they have been making rounds in relevant subreddits. This thread was shared to Reddit's r/entitledb*tch subreddit, which deals with a predictable subject matter. Often users will post exchanges, such as this one, or text-based stories to the sub in order to out entitled Karens or vent a lit…
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craigslist failbook for sale sales facebook marketplace karens message karens in the wild karen - 17620485

Entitled Marketplace Karen Loses It

After listing their dining set on Facebook Marketplace this would-be seller didn't expect that they'd be accosted by a wild marketplace Karen. This Karen was feral for the set and didn't appreciate not receiving instant replies to her requests; she proceeded to irrationally lose her marbles with a string of entitled messages to the seller. We've said it before, and we'll say it again… Selling used goods on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist , or any other free equivalent platform is pretty easy……
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antiwork employee mother workplace Horrible Bosses employment failbook facebook - 17430277

Insane Manager Tells Mother She Can't Miss Work to Stay With Her Dying Child, Gets Fired

Commenters say she was fired shortly after this went viral.
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customer service aita barista revenge failbook social media - 16319237

Barista Posts TikTok Degrading Guy's Mother, She Gets Fired When He Shows Her Manager After She Refuses to Take it Down

When social media has repercussions.
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FAIL cringe failbook social media - 15934469

Shocking Failures From the Cringey Idiots of Social Media

It's astounding how dumb some people can be.
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trashy drama cringe failbook facebook cheating family - 16200453

Trashy Family Cheating Scandal Emerges on Facebook Sale for Baby Bassinet, Cringey Public Feud Ensues

People like this actually exist?
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failbook facebook Cats vitamix - 16173061

Woman Pleads For Spare Box From Vitamix After Cats Claim Blender as Their Own

If it fits. I sits.
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wholesome failbook veterinarian facebook vet - 16074501

Wholesome Vets Put Children's Fears to Rest Regarding Santa's Reindeer, Pledge Their Support to Helping Them

Probably not surprising that a group of people who have devoted their lives to helping sick and injured animals turn out to be a wholesome bunch.
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Poorly photoshopped images from instagram and social media

Ridiculous Failures of Photoshop and Judgement That Have Uncanny Appearances

Never take what you see at face value.
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tattoo, dating, relationship, relationship fail

Guy Tattoos Girlfriend's Name on His Neck, She Comes to His Defense When He Gets Blasted in the Comments

I wonder where they are now?
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failbook social media idiots - 15812869

Hopeless Idiots Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Out in Public

Probably best that these people have zero contact with the outside world.
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Customer gives waitress a fake tip, so the table next to them decides to intervene with the truth.

Impatient Customers Attempt To Give Waitress Fake Tip, Other Customers Intervene

The truth was absolutely necessary.
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A viral Facebook event has over 200,000 people confirmed to storm Area 51.

Over 200,000 People Are Signed Up To Storm Area 51 And The Memes Are Flowing

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funny facebook fail

Overly Excited Couple Accidentally Let Too Much Slip When They Post Their Engagement Photo to Facebook

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