Set sail for fails: 30 Boating memes to buoy your spirits

Set sail for Fails: 30 Boating memes to buoy your spirits

Did you know that today's boats are some of the largest ever to exist? As rich folks compete to have the biggest boat, one of the biggest around right now costs $600 million! The owner may have a stupidly big yacht - but is it named “Marlin Monroe”? No, I didn't think so. Below are 30 memes of some boat owners who have creatively named their humble ships…plus some boaters who had a sinking feeling that their watercraft wasn't going to float much longer.
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video of guy who hangs from bridge while on moving boat, knocks over people

Dude Hangs On Bridge, Forgets He's On Moving Boat

Woops to you and everyone behind you.
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Guy fails to move boat correctly, forklift rolls back into boat.

Forklift Boat Mishap Is Ballet of Failure

It helps to have working brakes.
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FAIL failboat ship - 2011397

Four Ship Launching FAILs of Titanic Proportions

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crashed news FAIL failboat florida Video - 82921985

'Drive it Like You Stole it' Implies You Know How tot Drive it, Unlike This Yacht-Thief

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I Have No Snare In My Headphones

failboat facebook profile pic - 8965215488
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Well, She *Was* on a Boat

funny fail gif girl falls off boat into ocean
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Sid the Science Kids Don't Care About Controversy

Sid the Science Kids Don't Care About Controversy
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clever DIY failboat motorcycle Video there I fixed it g rated win - 70960897

Don't Have an Outboard Motor? Any Old Bike Will do.

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Crafting a Boat From Water and Light

design failboat pretty colors - 8406365952
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design failboat nifty Video - 65782273

This Cool Boat Design Adapts to Any Wave it Faces

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This Way to the Beach, Right?

cars failboat boat traffic fail nation g rated - 8347730432
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bicycles failboat Video - 63782913

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ of the Day

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FAIL failboat Video - 62475265

Fail of the Day: How Not to Pull a Boat From the Water

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Some People Just REALLY Need to Go Fishing

failboat wheelchair BAMF - 8209375744
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FAIL failboat ship Video - 61017345

Fail of the Day: FULL SPEED AHEAD

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