funny memes about history | 1800s doctors they find out draining patient all their blood doesn't actually fix anything science seemed so solid | Men 1600s Women who could do math two children looking terrified of a bunny

History Memes for some Hardcore Knowledge

Yes, the history.
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weird and bizarre facts | artparade 11.4k points 15 hours ago An important predator Canadian Moose is Killer whale Moose will swim over seastraits and get picked off by killer whales.

Weird and Specific Facts to Alienate Strangers With

Now making friends can be even harder!
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Smart comebacks that brought knowledge | 2degrees 12:14 AM Tweet Kind reminder X chromosome contains 1098 genes Y chromosome has only 78 genes X chromosome is over 5 times larger than Y. Its science. Female are superior. By far. Hence hundreds years chauvinism try suppress her. Goodnight. Replying Onions have more DNA than humans

Ignorant Folks Getting Slammed with Facts

Someone thinks they've done some "research."
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QVC host argues with guest over if the moon is a planet or a star.

QVC Host Debates Whether the Moon is a Planet or a Star

How do you explain to someone that the moon is a moon?
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Nice and happy facts | some_random_Potatos 30.2k points 2 days ago edited 2 days ago e dog/wolf movies where they use real life dog actors people who have edit all sometimes have add cgi tails because they dogs can't stop wagging their tail as they are so happy

Wholesome Facts that are Nice for a Change

Good things exist too.
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Various creepy, gross and dark facts | Clydemortranexis 21.9k points 15 hours ago Tarantulas can swim.

Creepy Facts to Feel Unsettled About

Oh great.
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Untrue and false facts people were told confidently | Keefer1970 2.9k points 18 hours ago band name "KISS" is an acronym Knights Satan's Service AC/DC Anti-Christian Devil Children Slayer Satan Laughs As Eternally Rot all told us without irony by Sunday school teacher, circa 1987

Untrue "Facts" People Were Told In Complete Seriousness

Some of this stuff is still banging around in our heads.
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Untrue misconceptions | Back2Bach 18.7k points 3 days ago Lightning never strikes twice same place fact does, and frequently don't want be there happens.

Everyday Misconceptions People Still Believe

They're persistent.
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Not fun facts about horrible and terrible things | gkibbe 20.7k points 10 hours ago People who handle cockroaches develop allergies them. This usually prevents them drinking pre- ground coffee because cockroaches get grounded with large batches.

Not-So-Fun Facts To Feel Bad About

Oh... cool.
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creepy, disturbing and sad facts | TheKentuckyRifleman 21.3k points 12 hours ago Frontal Lobotomy performed with no anesthesia and an outpatient procedure.

Not Fun Facts to Feel Weird About

Here's an interesting distraction...
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Funny memes, moments and facts about history | Romulus should name this great city? Remus: Reme. Romulus sharpening spear have better idea | Say have no idea I am doing tapestry painting

Historical Memes from Before Things Were Like This

Things weren't always like this.
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Funny moments and memes from Tumblr | bidoof movie idea: guy finds stone tablet engraved with mysterious alien language and gets caught up national treasure-esque adventure decipher its meaning, only learn s just an alien "live, love, laugh" decoration Source: bidoof 240,710 notes

Tumblr Gems to Destroy Boredom

The thoughts never stop.
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Weird and strange historical facts | reddit post shampoo_and_dick 33.8k points 22 hours ago 3 ancient Egypt, servants were smeared with honey attract flies away pharaoh.

Ridiculous Historical Facts That Prove We're Strange People

We've always been weird people.
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A short but very entertaining Tumblr post shows off the big difference in perspectives between blind and deaf people | Blind people must save lot on electricity. stomatium They do actually! mauve-moth had blind professor, last semester, and swung through his office make up an exam while

A Short Wholesome Tumblr Post On Different Perspectives

Well isn't this endearing.
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Misconceptions people still believe | posted by CapaxInfini Goldfish have short term memory. Actually goldfish can remember things up year.

Common Misconceptions People Still Believe

Some myths really stick around.
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Facts that feel obvious | posted by YummyMango124 never mentioned Humpty-Dumpty an egg.

Facts That Feel Too Obvious After Hearing Them

Some observations are well, obvious.
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