interesting facts

Freaky Facts That Are Difficult To Believe

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fun facts

People's Most Fun, Strange And Peculiar Facts

Learn something almost useless.
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fun useless facts

People Share Their Most Tantalizingly Useless Facts

Ohh, shiny facts.
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wild science facts

Science Facts That Show The Terrifying Scope Of The Universe

Reality is freaky.
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obvious and stupid things people didn't realize for a long time

Painfully Obvious Things People Didn't Realize For Way Too Long

Every moment can be a learning experience.
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funny history memes and jokes about history

History Memes For Those Enlightened Lords Of Time

Enter history!
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terrible horrible wtf facts disturbing creepy dark awful - 16170501

Creepy Facts To Help Keep Everyone Up At Night

If anyone needed a reason to lie silently in bed with their eyes open, consider “the heat death of the universe” or “Victorian Brits ate all the mummies” as decent insomnia fodder. The universe we live in is plagued with injustice, cruelty and gross realities, but hey, some of them are kind of cool to know. So here's some stuff to alienate your family at dinner. Here are some more freaky facts to feel weird about.
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The strangest facts people know

The Weirdest Facts People Know

Everyone has a prized fact.
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wtf facts creepy interesting information knowledge weird - 16098821

Freaky Facts To Feel Weird About

They say what you don't know can't hurt you, but we've all been hit in the face with enough frisbees to know that's demonstrably false. That said, what you do know can leave you with a creeping sense of existential dread and a lasting mark on your psyche. Because man, we live in a vastly unexplored and wildly unpredictable world full of flesh-eating wiener parasites and damning statistics about reading comprehension. Here are some strange science facts to ponder .
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wtf facts fascinating strange amazing science weird fun facts - 16000005

People Share Their Most Brain-Meltingly Intriguing Facts

If there's one thing knowing facts about our world helps us with, it's having a better understanding of the context we find ourselves living in. Knowing that lemons haven't always been, or that there are sharks older than the United States can help us better comprehend our own place in this weird and wacky world. For more of this junk, here are strange science facts to ponder.
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Frustrating times people said dumb things and didn't understand basic stuff

Frustrating Times People Didn't Understand Basic Stuff

People have a lot to learn.
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interesting weird facts

Cool And Fun Facts To Help Become The Lord Of All Trivia

Behold, irrelevant knowledge!
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Tumblr thread on Magenta and the human brain

Tumblr Thread: Magenta Doesn't Exist, It's Just The Brain Doing Its Best

Thanks, brain.
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depressing not fun facts

Not So Fun Facts To Provide Context For Our Dark Lives

Be the bummer.
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Tumblr thread about knowing smart things from dumb sources

Tumblr Thread: Impressive Knowledge From Dumb Sources

We all know something smart for a stupid reason.
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amazing and interesting facts

Wild Facts That Sound Made Up But Are Legit

Though ancient, sharks did not precede the formation of yo momma.
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