Guy fails landing mountain bike in first person.

Dude Eats It In First Person

He's okay!
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facepalm after facepalm in the dumbest things people have attempted to pull off online

23 Various Attempts That Metaphorically Faceplanted

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fail gifs, painful fails, brutal fails,

15 Brutal Fails That Left a Mark

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Everybody Dancin' In the Streets

guy dancing on a table faceplants on the ground and busts up the table.
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Going Back to School After a Holiday Weekend Got You Like...

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The Fastest Way to Get a Closer Look at the Ground

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ouch FAIL faceplant Video - 265991

When The Whole Crowd is Rooting For You But No One Wants to Really Support You

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The Map Says to Follow That Rock to the Faceplant

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Double-Twisting Layout to Pancake

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The Double Front Flip Faceplant

Thursday meme with gif of drunk guy falling between cars

Putting the P in Bellyflop

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Hardwood Floor Faceplant

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Faceplant, Mountain Bike Style

Faceplant, Mountain Bike Style
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hoverboard FAIL right in the face faceplant Video flip - 79890177

The Only Way to Up Your Douche Level on a Hoverboard is to Try a Front Flip

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FAIL gas station right in the face classic faceplant Video - 79668737

Glass Doors Are Just as Tricky For Birds as They Are For You When You're Drunk

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Backflip Off These Rings? Sure...

backflip faceplant FAIL snow right in the face - 8769512704
By Unknown
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