All she wanted was some nuggets

'Don't make me assume my ultimate form': Unhinged Karen breaks drive-thru window and fights worker because she can't get Chicken McNuggets

The things people do for Chicken McNuggets…
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entitlement tinder facepalm entitled idiots Reddit karen entitled people - 17607685

The Most Entitled People of the Week (August 8, 2022)

These people ruined the world with their stupid entitlement.
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funny things that didn't age well

Various Things That Didn't Age So Well

Gotta love hindsight.
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you had one job fails

"You Had One Job" Moments That People Neatly Screwed Up

Thanks for that.
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stupid funny facepalm moments | These guys locked their keys an armoured truck | grabbed this bullshit ass chorizo made soy thought saying am chorizo spanish Since 1973 Cacique. SOY CHORIZO Vegetarian EXTRA LARGE

Facepalm Moments from Humanity's Beacons Of Stupid

Great job everyone.
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funny mistaken people who missed jokes

Clueless People Who Missed The Joke By Miles

Are you serious?
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funny stupid facepalm moments

Facepalm Moments From The Virtuosos of Dumbness

It's like there was a contest.
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funny times people didn't understand memes and jokes | Want know just big Texas really is This is fake | as tiny filled with KEN JRES. TM Why did they put so much detail his head then just give him stick figure body? Hahahha shut up I'm pretty sure 's his tie

People Who Desperately Didn't Get The Joke

This is why we can't have nice things.
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people who didn't understand obvious jokes

Mistaken People Who Missed The Joke By Miles

It's beyond helping.
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funny "not my job" moments of unprofessionalism

"Not My Job" Moments of Incompetent Unprofessionalism

Woops, whatever.
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funny stupid spelling fails

Spelling Failures That Really Shift The Bed

Words are hard.
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funny facepalm moments of people being stupid

Facepalm Moments Made Possible By The Brutally Stupid

Someone fire up the brain-o-meter.
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funny times people were dumb

Dumb Facepalm Moments Of Sweet, Spicy Stupid

Think, like for a second.
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funny awkward stories that are facepalm and cringeworthy

People's Awkward Moments Of Facepalming Cringitude

We've all called the teacher mom. But some of us go further.
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funny stupid scammer fails

Incompetent Scammers Who Were Their Own Worst Enemies

Maybe consider another career.
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dumb stupid facepalm moments

Goofs, Blunders, Mishaps and Facepalm Moments

Such fascinating lives we lead.
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