Funny dumb facepalm moments | Russ @russdiemon wish could use laughing emojis real life 12/5/18, 1:22 PM 1,144 Retweets 8,583 Likes randy @randygivehandys Replying russdiemon or could just fucking laugh

Classic Facepalm Moments of Brainlessness

Oh man.
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A collection of moments that made us facepalm | Snee ee Thusds Jewant il Here is schedule hey think have wrong number Then is number because have 51 is my number Read 11:36 AM Ok then why did say have wrong number because not person trying text | Friend has been complaining about finding an avocado on his lawn every day weeks now. Why would someone keep throwing avocados his yard? Who would do guys he just realized he has an avocado tree 8:51 PM 8/22/19 Twitter iPhone 2,213 Retweets 22.9K Likes

Facepalm Moments From The Dimmest Bulbs

Silence is golden sometimes.
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People who didn't understand satire | NASA THEONION.COM NASA Announces Plans Launch Chimpanzee Into Sun Haha Comment Share all should get nuked r destroying nature like this fuck NASA and fuck whoever supports them 1 35 m Like Reply sir, just ate Onion.

Absurd People Who Didn't Understand Satire

Fantastic critical thinking, sir.
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funny stupid fails and facepalm moments | Apparently took 3 my aunts way too long figure out why candle wouldn't light. 2xC batteries Made China 12:41 PM 19 Jan 18 electric candle

Classic Facepalm Moments of Stupidity

Sometimes it hurts to watch.
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Facepalm fails and moments of people being stupid | Sir Rona @Squallamytweets kid born 2010 is now 20. Just let sink AKO @hvmoodi He doing R Kelly math.

Incompetent Moments of Classic Facepalm

Dumbness flows like a river.
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fails and dumb facepalm moments |  3 mins First time posting. Please be gentle can flip this image so my son is facing camera tried using Flip Canvas Horizontal" and also "Image Invert" but nothing seems work! Please help can L flip flnis picture so he is facing forward? | Arizona JDM Lifestyle 28 mins Shift ball thing $10 O85210 MESSAGE New. Selling only because learned have change whole transmission get 6th gear. 46R

Classic Facepalm Moments of Incompetence

It never ends.
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Attempts that ended in failure | Day 20 quarantine and boys still having fun 10.5k 182 Share This is NOT social distancing unless all live together, which doubt. 5d Reply

Attempts That Flew Into A Sliding Glass Door of Failure

They tried.
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Funny stupid fails and facepalm moments | Matthew Keys O @MatthewKeysLive Radio thinking radio. Jody Avirgan O @jodyavirgan 1d new breaking news moments like this, there should be type podcast can listen real time, easily accessible free.

Classic Facepalm Moments to Fill The Day with Stupid

People aren't great thinkers sometimes.
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memes and moments of failed attempts | tweet by Nicole @nicoleslaaww My Uber profile says deaf so get into Uber's usually just sign hello them and don't speak anymore but this Uber driver just called someone and said "this deaf bitch just got so can talk minute" Imfaooo

Attempts that Careened Into a Ditch of Failure

Not every attempt gets an A plus.
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Stupid fails and moments of facepalm | Rains leave many Indiana farmers ll behind planting 24 198 Comments 38 Shares O Like Comment Share Most Relevant Write comment Top Fan En Why is there need farmers growing corn and soybeans most people go Krogers or Albertsons get groceries anyway | Flight @fightorg Follow China Southern Flight 380 delayed at Shanghai Pudong Int'l Airport on Tues after an elderly woman threw coins into engine luck.

Moments of Classic Facepalm to To Get that Stupid Fix

You can't fix stupid, but you can get your fix of stupid.
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Moments of failure, facepalm, entitlement, bragging, trashiness, cringe and stupidity | Pennsylvania woman drove into oncoming traffic test her faith police say By Taylor Romine, CNN | Statue Liberty National Monument Historical landmark Manhattan Why'd they put on an island happens if island floats away just lose national monument am shocked they didn't think this through they constructed | Yellowstone National Park National park unaware park outside. Very misleading advertisement

A Buffet of Facepalming Cringification

People can be the worst sometimes.
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funny attempts that led to failure | tweet by Isaac Haxton @ikepoker Woman front at airport security has bottle frozen water. They want take She says 's not liquid.

Various Attempts That Dove Into A Pool of Failure

People keep tryin' and they keep failin'.
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Dumb moments of failure and facepalm | reni fred @fredboycolor just bought baguette and cashier FOLDED HALF so would fit bag | person climbing a roof on a ladder balanced on a single pole

Some Classic Facepalm Moments of Dumbness

Ah yes, the fundamentals.
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Disappointing moments of stupid failure | tweet by Cullen Crawford @HelloCullen asked pepperoni pizza half cheese pic of a pizza where one half has no cheese at all | pic of a person giving a thumbs up next to a sign that says "NO ENTRY FLOWERS AREA" while in the background a large group of people walks through a flower field

Disappointingly Dumb Moments of Pure Facepalm

Let the geniuses roam.
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attempts that led to fails | 6'3.Slim.Bahamian If use facial recognition anything govt has face lol Tash THEE Bae Wait until find out about driver licenses.

Attempts that got Clotheslined by Failure

Life is a series of attempts.
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Offended christian mom thinks color wheel is satanic imagery | Elementary Art Teachers K-5th had talk parent today because student concerned color wheel worksheet assigned looked too "satanic had hoped parent would see benign, but after talking with their pastor parent confirmed they didn't feel comfortable having their child complete image all respecting beliefs but completely beside myself! star of david with different colors at the edges

Mistaken Christian Mom Upset By Color Wheel

It doesn't even have 5 points.
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