A viral Facebook post about a bakery that was accused of using illegal sprinkles on their baked goods.

Bakery In Leeds Gets Outed For Using Illegal Sprinkles, Fiasco Ensues

This is the baking drama that the world deserves.
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A collection of old people moments from Facebook.

Grandmas That Told It All In Their Facebook Bios

Yeah, need more of these.
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old people making funny mistakes on social media

25 Old People On Social Media Who Tried Their Best

Technology is hard.
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Woman sneaks herself into a Facebook group for landlords, and proceeds to leak their secrets.

Woman Sneaks Herself Into FB Group For Landlords, Sneaks Their Secrets

Landlords can get to be very nasty.
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A collection of times that people got absolutely destroyed online for being fools.

Ruthless Times People Were Decommissioned By Spicy Insults

The comments section can be a dangerous place.
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Facebook post about how dumb we actually are | Tom Denton 30. jun O Here are some facts about stupid all actually are average adult with no chess training will beat average five year old with no chess training 100 games out 100 under normal conditions average 1600 Elo rated player who'll probably be player with several years experience will beat average adult 100 games out 100.

Facebook Post On Foolishness Of Human Beings

That common sense only goes so far.
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strange and funny for sale listings on Facebook and craigslist

Wild Junk People Tried Selling on the Webs

Anyone need some garbage?
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Bride's mom isn't told about a surprise proposal and proceeds to have a total meltdown.

Bride's Mom Isn't Told About Surprise Proposal, Unleashes Rage Saga

Just a little bit narcissistic.
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Man decides to respond to his own wanted ad on Facebook.

Man Responds To His "Wanted" Ad On Facebook

That's one way to do it.
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Weird stuff people tried selling online | 40 year old summer sausage sale. One kind and extremely rare | 10,000 Chuck E Cheese Tickets US $450.00 Free Shipping

Strange and Unique Stuff People Tried Selling Online

It's mostly garbage but it's a bargain!
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A Facebook rant about terrible company cultures and bad bosses. | former manager mine once told If am going down are going down with relation having bad sales quarter point on, there no need pay attention them becomes difficult continue feel passion job once see lapse integrity boss only got worse there, so knew time start planning my exit strategy.

An Ex Employee's Rant About Worst Boss Behaviors

Sometimes you've got to quit a bad boss.
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strange and stupid things people posted for sale online | Peloton Bike $2,499 stationary bike with a tv screen taped to it | Thor's Hammer $8,000,000 weight with a handle

Weird and Ridiculous Junk People Tried Selling Online

One man's trash is another man's garbage.
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decorating brother's room as a little girl's pink room | You know, I'm lazy to change this That is real issue...

Little Bro Alters Older Bro's Facebook Profile, Older Bro Redecorates His Room

Sibling rivalry at its finest.
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A collection of times that liars got outed online. | stopped listening guys back 2017 y'all put on worst performance l've ever seen singer drunk and out breath as soon as he started 7h Like Reply 124 Author Attack Attack haven't played show since 2013, so l'm not sure band saw 2017. lol

Liars That Failed To Pawn Their Bundles Of Lies

Just tell the truth.
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A collection of bizarre ads from Facebook's online marketplace. | PS2 PS3 PlayStation consoles taped together making a PS5 being sold for $500

Wacky Offerings From Facebook's Online Marketplace

Eh, going to pass on that particular PS5.
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A collection of creative and absolutely brutal insults from various people on social media | posted by graystripe: once 4th grade this guy got 2% on his math quiz so everyone called him milk rest year

Creative And Brutal Insults That Were Max Savage

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