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Teachers Share The Stupidest Answers They've Received On Exams

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cheating strategies

22 People Share The Most Creative Cheating Strategies They've Ever Seen

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21 Grade-A Exam Fails

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42 Exam FAILs That Won't Make You Want to Go Back to School Any Time Soon

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TIFU Guy Tells the Harrowing Tale of How He Blinded Himself Staring at the Solar Eclipse

Guy Tells the Harrowing Tale of How He Blinded Himself Staring at the Solar Eclipse

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If You Get This Wrong You'll Now Know That The TA Knows That You Don't Know Him

funny school image TA adds picture question of which he is on exam for maximum shame
Via dovahkid

He Got It

Via huffingtonpost

Hey, Can I Get Notes?

Via brightfutura

You're a Terrible Note Taker

exams funny studying highlighter wtf - 8397343744
Via Biggysize

Studying in Secret

camouflage finals exams funny studying - 8413929984
Via Febreeze1

How Did You Get Those Books Up There?

wtf books funny exams - 7874162688
Created by Unknown

When You Know Your Life Is a Cautionary Tale

law school funny exams - 8408414976
Via Brentelle Smith

It's Important To Listen to Him

everything he says will be on the exam
Via The Pakman 47

She Studied?

how else do you do it?
Via Watermelonyy

Sometimes You Just Have to Show How Prepared You Are

that's a great drawing of a goat.
Via omahony22

That's One Boring Test

Boring test put student to sleep
Via Miss Chicken
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