Geography 390: Europe, Home of the Best Swimming Pool Ever

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Drunk Level: Franzo

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Music FAILS: 2 Deep 4 (e)U(ro)

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What if the Woo Girls RAN the Bar Instead?

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How The Western World Was Won

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Big Ben WIN

architecture DIY europe farm London - 5769841664
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Viking New Year WIN

BAMF europe Historical Thor viking - 5769169408

Two Continents, one Picture WIN

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Sketchy Santas: Taken from the David Sedaris Christmas Album

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Mother Nature FTW: Tuscany

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Expect An Increase Of Lady Tourists To Hungary

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Accidental WIN

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Post-It Note WIN

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Dragon Map WIN

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Underwater City WIN

church eerie europe flood Italy - 5255922432
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How Drinking Works In Europe

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