Venice, ID Here We Come!

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Where's a Good Place to Drink?

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I'm in Europe Though, Right?

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A Wine Lover’s Guide To Europe [Infographic]

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Well, I Can Sort of See Your Train of Logic...

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Protip: When Lying About Going on a Trip, Remember to Crop Out the URL of the Stock Photo You're Using

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What Continent Are We From Again?

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That's Not Where They're From?

Text - Sam Wednesday They say that Jupiter's moon, Europa, might actually contain water. And its underground lakes might even contain life! That means there could be Europeans.. Wait, what? Unlike Comment Share and 6 others like this. You, Christ Write a comment...
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Well It Doesn't Have an 'A' in It

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Nothing Will Stop Them

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A Day in the Lovely City of Pilsen

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A Quiet Night in Heidelberg, Germany

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Light Pollution Is Crazy Looking

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Wait, Really? Then What About Europe?

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American Bar Patron, You Are Drunk

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Metal Only Club

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