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Entitled Mother Brings Her Kids to a "No Children Allowed" Live Audio Recording, Thinks She's the Exception

“I am the exception.” the core thinking of any good entitled person's philosophy
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10 Entitled People Who Rode a Big Stupid Wave of Arrogance

These entitled idiots and “choosing beggars” either wanted something for nothing or were determined to inflict their stupid arrogance upon others.
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AITA for leaving my best friend and his friends stranded in an unfamiliar city?|I have a habit of leaving my keys on a hook next to the door to my bedroom in my camper. Remember this. Come nightfall, I went to take a phone call outside and ended up wandering around the grounds for over an hour. When I got back to the camper, the door was locked, and I was told by my best friend's older friend through the window that there wasn't enough room for me in MY trailer.

'Why would you do this?': Guy strands entitled friends after they lock him out of his own camper

After kindly offering to drive his best friend and co to a “Spartan race” in another state, this guy's services were kindly repaid when they locked him out of his own camper for the night. The reasoning given was somewhere along the lines of there not being enough room (which was told to him through a locked door that they refused to open.) The insanity of this knows no bounds. He was being denied access and the ability to stay in his own camper that he had towed there with his own truck. In wh…
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Lady with coupons in self checkout

'No, I'm stupid': Entitled Karen causes problems scanning coupons at self-checkout

People who make scenes at self-checkout should not be allowed to shop
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Karen reviewing a skatepark in London | housing and residential area. Enjoy the park. Pick up that board. Yes children playing here, less of the middle aged blokes with no shirts.

'Less of the middle aged blokes with no shirts': Karen bizarrely reviews a skatepark in London

Don't feel bad if you get confused while you're reading this, we're confused too, and we're pretty sure that Angela was also confused while she was writing this. Nevertheless, Angela was determined to have her voice heard when she posted this review for a London skatepark. The review then made its way to Reddit's aggressively named r/ F**YouKaren subreddit when a screenshot of the review was posted by Reddit user u/PEDR069. As you muddle your way through the piece a couple of times you kind of…
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Lady says I look like a sl*t and my supervisor said... | "She just stops and gives me this once-over look and stares at me very intently. She stares at my face and says to me "Seriously? You work in a museum and you come here looking like a sl*t?" |

'Her face went completely white': Supervisor intervenes when Karen uses slur on employee, has her removed

Ahh, the joys of customer service and retail. A wondrous world where strangers will use you as a punching bag for their emotions at the slightest inconvenience and where going above and beyond will seldom earn you a word of thanks.
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Karen Can't Spell, Writes Wild 1-Star Amazon Review For Birthday Balloons

The internet is a wonderful creation that has opened all kinds of doors and avenues for the advancement of the human race. It allows us to collaborate, push new ideas, and make our voices heard in a way that was never before possible.
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this karen got owned by my boss | Pleasant environment, terrible staff.

'Please don't come back': Karen destroyed by business owner after leaving 1-star review

There's a certain net of safety that the (rapidly evaporating) anonymity of the internet provides to us. After all, there is a reason that the term 'Keyboard Warrior' exists. It's easy to let the darker and more aggressive parts of your personality emerge when you stand to face no consequence for whatever you may do or say.
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pettyrevenge | "The owner shows up to see how we’re doing while we have the dog on the porch. We make some small talk, and he mentions that we didn’t indicate we were bringing a dog."

'We didn’t indicate we were bringing a dog': Entitled Airbnb guest brings dog without telling host, is surprised when host leaves them a negative review

Almost universally we have a tendency to trust the narrative of the narrator when it comes to stories we see online. We seldom stop to pause and take a look at the other perspectives that the context offers us. When you're reading a story your favorite influencer or personality is telling about some aggressive Karen they met at a festival do you ever stop to think why that complete stranger took offense to them? Sure there are some wildly unhinged persons in this world who have the tendency to…
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Babysitter leaves 100 dollar a week job and entitled mom can't understand why | am LIVID seven months now 100 week hours are easy 9am-5pm, like regular fucking job and kids are basically angels, they sleep most day anyway at this age. mas been babysitting get text her saying she's applying walmart and she can't afford work anymore

Babysitter Leaves Bad Job, Entitled Mom Lashes Out

She can't understand why someone wouldn't want to work for 100 dollars a week.
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They left me three wings. Three. 3.

Girlfriend Cooks 100 Wings for Significant Other's Friend Group. They Leave Only 3 for Her.

This woman cooked a feast of wings for her boyfriend's friend group, left the room for just 15 minutes to hop on a call, and returned to find only 3 wings left for her.
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10 Entitled People Who Left Their Stupid Mark Upon This World (September 14, 2022)

There's no shortage of entitled people on this earth, and they seem to be increasingly determined to carve their name upon the stars. Everyone wants to see their name in lights and experience whatever stupid wish makes up their wildest dreams; some are prepared to do so at any cost, no matter the collateral damage. These entitled idiots left their mark upon the world and left us with their stupid equivalent of a magnum opus. After you're done reading these, check out these 10 entitled choosing…
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10 Top Entitled Choosing Beggars Who Wanted Everything For Nothing

Some people think that they should have the world handed to them on a silver platter, they want to work for nothing and take everything. This collection of entitled “Choosing Beggars” comprises some of the top posts shared to the Reddit community of the same name. On Reddit's r/choosingbeggars subreddit, users post screenshots of entitled beggars that they have encountered online. People who have demanded a whole lot for nothing or very little in return. Sometimes users will share stories of ex…
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Insane Karen Engages in 'Parking War' With Disabled Veteran, He Gets Revenge

This disabled veteran was at the VA pharmacy picking up some medication when a hostile Karen confronted them. They had brought their mobility scooter to help them navigate the “labyrinth" that is the local VA hospital and arrived at a crawling parking lot. All went smoothly, and they did their business before returning to their vehicle, intending to load the scooter up and “get the heck out of Dodge.” When they arrived in the parking lot and approached their vehicle, a car Karen began to get ag…
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Absolute Nightmare Neighbor Makes Terrible Smells and Plays Loud Music Late at Night, Thinks Their Neighbor is the Crazy One

This is the person you do NOT want to be living next to.
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Entitled Neighbor Karen Calls Tow Truck When Dude Parks in Front of His Own House

Most of the joy of owning or residing in your own place is that, while you're in that space, the rest of the world can be damned and leave you the hell alone. This is a privilege that is a huge motivator for a lot of folks who seek to enter themselves into immeasurable debt just to have a place that they can call their own. A place away from all the travelers, Karens, and other nuisances that are the entitled people of the world. Imagine this user's shock and horror when he was confronted by a…
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