Upper class Karen disrespected my family, then tried to attack me when I retaliated

Entitled Karen Goes Into Full Rage Mode at Movie Theater, Guy Dumps His Water Bottle on Her

This Karen had the audacity to harass this guy's Mom and then try to start a fight with him.
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"It was then that a woman water walked over to us with a little girl in tow, demanding to know where the boy's mother was and why he was using me like a jungle gym.  Before I could reply the little guy rolled his eyes at the woman and said the following, at max volume. 'Ms. Karen Mommy asked Mr. OP to watch me...'"

'Are you really going to ruin that for her too?': Kid humiliates entitled pool Karen with uncomfortable truth "bombs"

Kids say the darnedest things, don't they? That complete lack of filter can simultaneously be the most hilarious, embarrassing, and cutting thing on this planet. There's nothing worse than being on the receiving end of an incredibly perspective comment from a child. There's something about the truth that a child perceives that leaves you utterly defenseless and without any recourse or response. After all, it's not as if you can respond with an insult back… Then you'd just be the adult that was…
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Entitled ex husband gets what he deserves

'I reported the phone as stolen and it is now flagged and shut off': Woman punishes ex-husband for refusing to pay phone bill

He had it coming!
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Mrs. Spike, the entitled teacher who thought she would never get caught abusing her students.

'She ended her reign of terror': Evil Karen PE teacher finally gets what she deserves after years of bullying

Mrs. Spike sounds like a real-life Roald Dahl villain...
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AITA for reporting my professor

Entitled Student Reports Professor for Drawing Boundaries at Work

I swear teachers are the most disrespected people...
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Karens accost a child referee and two kids running a lemonade stand.

20 Entitled 'Karens' Imposing Their Stupid Wrath Upon the World

There's no shortage of ‘Karens’ out there in the world today. It seems like everywhere you turn, anywhere you go, or every time you boot up a social app, there's some older woman with cropped hair giving some poor random person or employee the “What-for.” Why? Has it always been like this? Have they always been there and smartphones have finally just exposed them? Or, are there really just an increasing number of entitled a-holes out there?
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babysitter needed asap | I need someone to watch my 4 kids

'This job pays $200 a week': Hilarious viral babysitter ad requires a Master's Degree among other insane things

There's nothing that guarantees failure like setting unrealistic expectations. Anytime you expect too much of anything you're dooming yourself to be unhappy with whatever the outcome is.
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My entitled dad throws coffee at waiter and demands he gets fired

Male Karen Throws Coffee in Waiter's Face and Demands That They Fire This 'Ignorant Useless Server'

This entitled dad is lucky the waiter didn't press charges!
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"I'm a freelance artist and get some weirdos sometimes..." | Unhinged 'Choosing Beggar' Wants to Set His Own Rate

Unhinged 'Choosing Beggar' Wants to Set His Own Rate For Art Commission, Freaks Out When Told 'No'

Nothing in this world is free, if you want something you're going to have to pay for it. Somehow, in some way. Except, this isn't how the entitled folk of our planet see things - The world is theirs for the taking. And the rest of us? Well, we're just paid actors. This is how the stage is set whenever we see these entitled “choosing beggars” trying to stupidly brute force their way into getting something that they haven't earned. Unfortunately, freelance artists and other contractors often have…
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karens entitled parents mother karens in the wild entitled karen entitled people - 18092037

Entitled Mother Brings Her Kids to a "No Children Allowed" Live Audio Recording, Thinks She's the Exception

“I am the exception.” the core thinking of any good entitled person's philosophy
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karens entitlement entitled karen entitled people choosing beggar - 18082821

10 Entitled People Who Rode a Big Stupid Wave of Arrogance

These entitled idiots and “choosing beggars” either wanted something for nothing or were determined to inflict their stupid arrogance upon others.
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AITA for leaving my best friend and his friends stranded in an unfamiliar city?|I have a habit of leaving my keys on a hook next to the door to my bedroom in my camper. Remember this. Come nightfall, I went to take a phone call outside and ended up wandering around the grounds for over an hour. When I got back to the camper, the door was locked, and I was told by my best friend's older friend through the window that there wasn't enough room for me in MY trailer.

'Why would you do this?': Guy strands entitled friends after they lock him out of his own camper

After kindly offering to drive his best friend and co to a “Spartan race” in another state, this guy's services were kindly repaid when they locked him out of his own camper for the night. The reasoning given was somewhere along the lines of there not being enough room (which was told to him through a locked door that they refused to open.) The insanity of this knows no bounds. He was being denied access and the ability to stay in his own camper that he had towed there with his own truck. In wh…
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Lady with coupons in self checkout

'No, I'm stupid': Entitled Karen causes problems scanning coupons at self-checkout

People who make scenes at self-checkout should not be allowed to shop
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Karen reviewing a skatepark in London | housing and residential area. Enjoy the park. Pick up that board. Yes children playing here, less of the middle aged blokes with no shirts.

'Less of the middle aged blokes with no shirts': Karen bizarrely reviews a skatepark in London

Don't feel bad if you get confused while you're reading this, we're confused too, and we're pretty sure that Angela was also confused while she was writing this. Nevertheless, Angela was determined to have her voice heard when she posted this review for a London skatepark. The review then made its way to Reddit's aggressively named r/ F**YouKaren subreddit when a screenshot of the review was posted by Reddit user u/PEDR069. As you muddle your way through the piece a couple of times you kind of…
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Lady says I look like a sl*t and my supervisor said... | "She just stops and gives me this once-over look and stares at me very intently. She stares at my face and says to me "Seriously? You work in a museum and you come here looking like a sl*t?" |

'Her face went completely white': Supervisor intervenes when Karen uses slur on employee, has her removed

Ahh, the joys of customer service and retail. A wondrous world where strangers will use you as a punching bag for their emotions at the slightest inconvenience and where going above and beyond will seldom earn you a word of thanks.
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amazon reviews reviews karens funny reviews 1-star-review entitled karen entitled people - 1695751

Karen Can't Spell, Writes Wild 1-Star Amazon Review For Birthday Balloons

The internet is a wonderful creation that has opened all kinds of doors and avenues for the advancement of the human race. It allows us to collaborate, push new ideas, and make our voices heard in a way that was never before possible.
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