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23 Translation Fails That Buried English and Spit on Its Grave

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Twitter Is Arguing over What to Call That Terrible End-Piece of Bread

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24 Hilarious Translations That Will Excitement the Toaster Man

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19 Times People Misspelled Their Way into the Dumb House

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23 Hilarious and Somewhat Decipherable Tweets from Scottish People Twitter

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21 Times People Threw a Bag of Wrenches into the English Language

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22 Translation Fails That Resulted In Hilarious Jargon

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18 Catastrophic Spelling Failures That Are in a League of Their Own

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28 Very British Problems You Might Be Passive Aggressive Enough to Relate To

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Patience Pending

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She Could Not Be Helped

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Stay in School, Kids

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How Far Back in Time Could You Go and Still Understand English?

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Colbert Gets Marion Cotillard to Turn Boring English Phrases into Elegant French Phrases

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I Pasted!

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There's Willful Ignorance, Then There's This

Text - And it's considered disrespectful to use the wrong pronouns fyi This whole Bruce Jenner thing is bull..t. It's not like he's the first person to get a damn sex change. I'm sure most people would agree with me. There's more important sil t going on in this country than a guy being a coward. And what the is a pronoun? I dropped English class FYI
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