Knock money off my paycheck for grammar mistakes? Let me point out all the mistakes on my bosses work.

'I received a decrease in my pay': Employee gets pay docked for grammar mistakes, gets revenge on boss

Getting your pay docked because you didn't talk good?! Cue malicious compliance!
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patriotism usa viral videos patriotic english us australian British america tiktokers labor day gen z american funny tiktok - 17823493

‘Only we can make fun of America’: American TikTokers complain about the U.S., but patriotically band together when other countries chime in

Democrat or Republican, patriotic or not, American TikTokers will throw a whole British person in the harbor if they try to dis.
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funny English failures

Big Bold Failures of the English Language

So close.
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mom takes inconvenient petty revenge on jingoist Parisian

Rude Employee Won't Sell To Non-French Speaker, She Gets Tediously Petty Revenge

Yeah, it's petty.
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funny English language failures

Creative Misuses of The English Language

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funny english fails and spelling mistakes

Blunderous Foibles of The English Language

It's a hard language, man.
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figures of speech | dalekitsune phrase "curiosity killed cat" is actually not full phrase actually is "curiosity killed cat but satisfaction brought back" so don't let anyone tell not be curious little baby okay go and be interested world uwu consultingmoosecaptain See also: Blood is thiekerthan water blood covenant is thicker than water womb. Meaning relationships formed by choice are stronger than those formed by birth | espurr-roba Let's not forget Jack all trades, master none" ends with "But

Insightful Tumblr Thread Breaks Down Meanings Of Different Figures Of Speech

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news wtf english interesting language lol accent funny - 107347969

Irish Shepherd's Accent Is Absolutely Immense

Yeah, what he said.
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funny attempts and failures at translations and writing in English

Inventive Failures Of The English Language

It kinda makes sense.
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A collection of times that people ended up struggling with the English language.

Examples Of The English Language Being Difficult

Languages are tricky, man.
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funny spelling failures and mistakes in English

Blunderous Failures of The English Language

English is hard.
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humor english cringe ridiculous funny Video - 106531841

Man Speaks Perfect English, Sounds Like Perfect Jargon

This is way funnier than it needs to be.
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Guy tries to pretend that he doesn't know English and he fails miserably | MrWittyResponse TIFU by telling lady asking money didn't speak English perfect English So late at night and had make stop at gas station fill up my car. This lady comes up wearing this really baggy hoodie. Judging by appearances she seemed be substance abuser. She says she's pregnant and needs some cash pay her motel room really wasn't buying she

Guy Tries To Pretend He Doesn't Know English, Fails Hard

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A former English teacher ends up defending a controversial Christmas song. | Andrew Rannells @AndrewRannells don't think any more people need record Baby 's Cold Outside think good there. teachingwithcoffee 's time bring an end Rape Anthem Masquerading As Christmas Carol

Tumblr Post: Former English Teacher Defends Controversial Christmas Song

A ceaseless debate.
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A quick Tumblr post appreciates riddles | teaboot love weirdly specific rules go with answering riddle. Like Have Two Eyes But Cannot See Am And answer's supposed be word 'iridescent' because 'two s' right, but like. Why can't answer be like guy with really bad cataracts. Someone wearing blindfold. My uncle's dog. Like why does gotta be deep teaboot have face but no eyes lips or nose am Slenderman. Next

A Quick Tumblr Post Appreciating Riddles

Riddles are a ball.
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A quick Tumblr post defends the English language | theaustinstollhaus people go off about English is worst language just wanna point out few things Our future tense requires only one word (looking at Spanish Words don't change meanings depending on tone (Cantonese don't live some bizarre Beauty And Beast world where give inanimate objects genders (romance languages, German)

Quick Tumblr Post Defends English Language

English ain't all bad.
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