12 text reddit images | thumbnail grey background " I'm not worth a raise? You're not worth my time I asked about a raise at my job, because due to high turnover, nobody else can do the work I do. They said if I want more money then I need to work more hours. "

Essential Employee Rightfully Requests Raise, Company Unable To Function Without Him

On today's episode of horrible employers
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Blue collar workers tell unspoken truths about their work

"Respect to Those That Understand": Viral TikTok About Blue Collar Life Has Commenters Getting Deep

The unspoken truths about this lifestyle.
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bad manager makes employees mutiny over time cards

Bad Manager Takes Charge In Coup, Causes Time Card Mutiny

The cutthroat politics of the office.
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customer tries to scam return items saying salads are rotten, gets kicked out of deli

Scheming Rotten Salad Lady Gets Banished From Deli Section

Why do people have to be like this?
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weird and crazy stories about employee complaints

Wild Employee Complaints That Turned Out To Be Legit

The professional world isn't that professional.
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Karen tries to enslave employees

Rich Karen Tries To Turn Employees Into Indentured Servants, Loses

Why Karen, why?
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Times people realized their boss was stupid | Peregrine2976 Dropped ton cash renting art museum's art bank our (decrepit Chinatown) office. Then didn't have money pay salaries

When People Realized Their Boss Was Dumb

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Stingy boss skimps on employees, so their ego takes a hit with taxes | r/ProRevenge Join u/anonymous_bun 194d Stingy, narcissistic boss negs and skimps on employees, so damage his ego with some asshole tax Let's call my asshole boss Eugene, since his stinginess reminds Eugene Krabs SpongeBob Squarepants, except Krabs is nowhere near malicious order display full satisfaction this revenge will have describe few (but not limited) things Eugene did entitles him being complete jackass.

Stingy Boss Skimps On Employees, Ego Takes Hit With Taxes

Boss probably sees himself as the victim.
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Stories of horrible sandwiches ordered by customers | Oatm3a1s can get 2 0 2 get 6-inch Honey Wheat, just condiments Just condiments just condiments. All them, if don't mind day ruled

Weirdest Orders Sandwich Store Employees Got

Horrible taste is universal.
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A collection of AskReddit replies to why people like their jobs | Text - whitesaab 20h 3 1 Award I am a park ranger. Just me and the trees

People That Actually Like Their Jobs Share Why

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wtf hotel cringe askreddit employees weird - 5713157

9 Hotel Employees Share WTF Things They've Seen

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I'm Honored!

employees interns mugs g rated monday thru friday - 8005586176
By Unknown

Big Fish in a Small Pond

employees finding nemo interns monday thru friday g rated - 7829653248
By Unknown

Let Us Know if You Have Any Questions

engrish translation japanese employees Japan funny monday thru friday - 7472069632
By xyzpdq1
disney videos employees monday thru friday g rated - 49591041

Diary of an Ex Disney Employee

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We're Worthless Scum, Not Even Deserving of the Most Base Insults...

amazing superpowers Starbucks employees comic - 6702593280
Via Amazing Superpowers
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